Opening Day Lineupstravaganza: Blue Jays at Rangers, 2:05

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Smarcum returns! I won't say anything nice about him for fear it will cause him to get injured again. I will, however, never stop griping about how badly Hogan got jobbed at WM6. Which reminds me, if you don't swing by Deadspin as much as you used to, their Dead Wrestler Of The Week feature is absolute appointment reading. But I digress.

Marcum's return and his whole season as the #1 (or 1a depending on your thoughts about Ricky Romero) starter provides interest for the the worsening Toronto fanbase. And though there are no shortage of storylines in Texas, Scott Feldman's ascension as 30th round pick cum nondescript bullpen guy cum Opening Day starter is a fun one for Rangers fans too. Ian Kinsler is too 'puff to play, Adam Lind is flush with new dough and rebirth happens where you find it, not where you will it. Who's to say it can't happen today in Arlington? Alright, besides Blue Jay fans.

("Photo" stolen from Lil Rob's MySpace page. Of course it is.)

Jose Bautista, RFJulio Borbon, CF
Aaron Hill, 2BMichael Young, 3B
Adam Lind, DHJosh Hamilton, LF
Vernon Wells, CFVlad Guerrero, DH
Lyle Overbay, 1BNelson Cruz, RF
John Buck, CChris Davis, 1B
Eddie Encarnacion, 3BJarrod Saltalamacchia, C
An Alex Gonzalez SSAndres Blanco, 2B
Travis Snider, LFElvis Andrus, SS

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I thought the Jays had some guy named Ruiz.

I never agreed with a lot of things W. did, but making that Texas' official state motto was pure genius. Tough to fit on a license plate, though.

nondescript bullpen guy cum

Sounds pretty fucking descript to me.

I'm ridin' on 22's at my desk and, until three minutes ago, was none the wiser.

No love for the Brewers-Rockies lineups? WHERE IS CASEY MCHGEHEE HITTING???

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