Opening Day Lineupstravaganza, Marlins @ Mets, 1:10PM

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Don't blame Jerry Tranuel for filling out his lineup card with so many questionable decisions. It's not his fault Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes are sidelined with ouchies or that Tommie Agee retired 35 years ago! So what if the Mets Opening Day lineup ended up being a sad meme on Twitter yesterday? He had to slot Jeff Francoeur somewhere! Might as well be sixth, smack between Daniel Murphy and one of the Mets many terrible catchers.

Also of note: this is a really good pitching matchup in something that can very easily be considered a pitchers park! So really, does Jerry Tranuel need (or even expect) to score more than a handful of runs? No! You win 2-1, you lose 2-1, these things all even out in the end.

Here are your lineups for today's very third game:

UPDATE: I had faulty information. This new lineup fix should be right, and if it's not, blame Brian Costa.

Cogz4Christ RFAngel Pagan CF Alex Cora, SS
Cameron Maybin CFLuis Castillo 2B
Hanley Ramirez SSDavid Wright 3B
Sassy Senior 3BJason Bay LF Mike Jacobs, 1B
Danny Uggla 2BDaniel Murphy 1B Jason Bay, LF
Cody Ross LFJeff Francoeur RF Gary Matthews, CF
John Baker CHenry Blanco C Jeff Francoeur, RF
Gaby Sanchez SSAlex Cora SS Rod Barajas, C
Josh Johnson PJohan Santana P

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Looks like David Wright left his batting helmet at home this morning.

Cogz4Christ vs. Pagan. They Battle From The Lead-Off Spot For YOUR MORTAL SOUL

Aww, man. That ruined a great joke by Ed. I was going to follow with "While (Johan) Santana plays some tasty soul-battling riffs."

Jason Bay is so bad, he is batting 5th behind a guy that was recently non-tendered by the Royals.

Cameron, Danny, Cody, Gaby... the Marlins lineup reads like the roll call at a suburban KinderCare. What, no Madison or Avery to be found?


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