Opening Day Lineupstravaganza, Dodgers @ Pirates, 1:35PM

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That delicious-looking treat over there is a Primanti Bros "cheesesteakburger" thing, a seemingly-scrumptious sounding sandwich served all over Pittsburgh, including the concession stands at PNC Park. I've had one of these creatures in my life, and let me tell you, it's utter garbage. You'd think that piling french fries and cole slaw on a typical cheeseburger would make one exclaim, "NOM," no? Well you'd be wrong. It tastes like what I'd imagine licking onions off hot pavement tastes like.

But no matter, it's the dawning of a new day in Pittsburgh and those Pirates fans need not rely on their questionable cuisine choices to lift their spirits anymore. Andrew McCutchen is in the Opening Day lineup for the first time ever and a .500 record is not outside the realm of possibility!

And if the .500 record is impossible, then at least Pirates fans secluded in the left field bleachers can just chuck their terrible sandwiches at Manny Ramirez. Win-win!

Here are your lineups for today's Pittsburghian game:

Rafael Furcal, SSAki Iwamura, 2B
Russell Martin, CAndrew McCutchen, CF
Andre Ethier, RFGarrett Jones, RF
Manny Ramirez, LFRyan Doumit, C
Matt Kemp, CFLastings Milledge, LF
James Loney, 1BJeff Clement, 1B
Casey Blake, 3BAndy LaRoche, 3B
Blake DeWitt, 2BZach Duke, P
Vicente Padilla, PRonny Cedeno, SS

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I'm upset that the Dodgers didn't bring Sean Casey in this year, if for no other reason than being able to have their lineup read
"Sean Casey Blake Dewitt"

It's most troubling to me that the place is called, "Pri-MAN-tees", rather than, "Pri-MAHN-tees".

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