Opening Day Lineupstravaganza: Giants at Astros, 7:05

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Hours after Zack Grienke looked pretty good against the Tigers (though KC is currently blowing it), last year's other Cy takes the mound leading punchless Giants against the loveless Astros. The punchless comment refers to last year's Grande squad, since they've ostensibly turned a new page with Aubrey Huff and Mark DeRosa at the 4-5 providing protection to Obesibear or whatever it is the clever kids are calling Pablo Sandoval these days. Huff is hoping a move to the AL will help him channel the halcyon days of 2008 when he played way over his head. A move to Detroit last year certainly didn't.

Rickety Roy Oswalt is braving age and a failing body to make his club record8th consecutive Opening Day start for the Astros. If he has trouble staying healthy again this year, it could be nearing the end for the best pitcher in franchise history (his overall numbers are much better than Nolan Ryan's in an Astros uni) and one of the best overall of our generation. Hey, it's Opening Day, why is Liakos reflecting on the totally hypothetical end of Roy Oswalt's career instead of the long winding road of a new season?THE TOMMY MANZELLA ERA STARTS NOW.

Aaron Rowand, CFKaz Matsui, 2B
Edgar Renteria, SSHunter Pence, RF
Pablo Sandoval 3BCarlos Lee, LF
Aubrey Huff 1BGeoff Blum, 1B
Mark DeRosa, 2BPedro Feliz, 3B
Benji Molina, CJ.R. Towles, C
John Bowker, RFTommy Manzella, SS
Juan Uribe, LFKelly Johnson, 2B
Tim Lincecum, PRoy Oswalt, P

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The Astros definitely do not have two 2B. Kelly Johnson is not on that team, but I don't feel like going back changing it. Use your imagination. Sooooo.. GUESS who is batting 8th for Houston. I'll go first:

Ivan Calderon?

I'll guess Glenn Davis.

Pretty sure it's J.R. Richard.

Enos Cabell.

My first glove as a Little Leaguer was a Rawlings Cesar Cedeno model.


Barbara Bush

If Brian Wilson's eyes were any closer together, they'd be on the bridge of his nose. New nickname: Walleye.

Houston pitcher Sammy Gervacio:

you're welcome.

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