Opening Day Night Lineupstravaganza: Yankees @ Red Sox, 8:05PM

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Here it is, folks, the perfect cap to a day spent avoiding relatives and finding ways to sneak more pieces of candy into your maw. And really, wouldn't it be difficult to find a better way to kickoff the 2010 season than with a Yankees/Red Sox tilt? Oh hai, East Coast bias, I didn't hear you come in. In fairness, the hype surrounding this game has been palpable not only because the matchup involves one of the biggest rivalries in modern sports, but also because it means omgomgomg baseball is back! Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious (almost) summer by a Josh Beckett fastball.1

Despite being two of the best teams in baseball last season, both rosters have been significantly reworked from the previous year. Gone are Jason Bay, Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon. Entering the fray for the first time are John Lackey, Marco Scutaro, Adrian Beltre, Mike Cameron and Curtis Granderson. The Yankees also re-added two players all too familiar with the rivalry in Nick Johnson and Javier Vazquez. How will these new pieces be deployed in Game 1? To the lineups!

Derek Jeter, SSJacoby Ellsbury, LF
Nick Johnson, DHDustin Pedroia, 2B
Mark Teixeira, 1BVictor Martinez, C
Alex Rodriguez, 3BKevin Youkilis, 1B
Robinson Cano, 2BDavid Ortiz, DH
Jorge Posada, CAdrian Beltre, 3B
Curtis Granderson, CF JD Drew, RF
Nick Swisher, RF Mike Cameron, CF
Brett Gardner, LFMarco Scutaro, SS

Dmac is coming back to glog it for you (a new post will appear above). Baseball! The rest of the gang will be back tomorrow with the rest of Opening Day Lineupstravaganza.

1 Now if that asshat drops a curveball in for a first pitch strike I will have even more reason to hate him.

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