Parking Lot Brawl! Or, Remind Me to Never Go Back to Dodger Stadium

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Unlike the beer-and-brat lovers in sunny Milwaukee, the Dodger Stadium parking lot in Chavez Ravine is not a happy-go-lucky spot for casual carousing by baseball lovers. Instead, it is a dark place where tailgating is banned, traffic is constantly snarled, and fights between fans break out at the drop of a hat.

In this amateur video posted to the popular Internet video site "You Tube", witness one such fan get pummeled by stadium security as some fellow Dodgers folks shout obscenities at the guards. The fan refuses to be ejected from the lot and gets kicked, punched, and grabbed until his flip flops fly off.

WARNING! Contains graphic violence and language, and the harsh realities of the horrible urban decay called "Los Angeles"

Stay tuned until the end, when one of the gathered masses shouts the line that amateur security guards and professional policemen dread to hear, "It's going on YouTube!"

(via L.A. Now and the handsome Matt P.)

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Just a reminder here. Never go back to Dodger Stadium


"Never mind, he's white." HARF

Racism in baseball.

To be fair, the fight started INSIDE the stadium.

Man, I live in philly, and even I think Los Angeles is a shithole.

To be fair, he IS allowed to make a right on red.

Jamie McCourt has dated all but two of those men.

Max: I live just outside Philly, and even I think that Los Angeles is a shithole.

That was me getting beat up because I was protesting against the football stadium for you Rob. :(

To be fair, Dodger fans are just as awesome as the security that patrols the stadium.

/files appeal to have Dodger fans replace Philly fans as shittiest humans on Earth

The last forfeiture in the major leagues? Occurred at Dodger Stadium.

We could use another one, I think.

I don't want to accuse anyone of anything, but I find it highly questionable that this went up the same day that author started following me on Twitter, and even borrowed my joke at the end.

Cosloy gave us due credit, which really need not be that much. I didn't make the video, I didn't upload the video, I didn't find the video, but goddamnit, I embedded it thanks to a tip from one of our many Phillies fans readers who saw no use for it in his own blog!

It takes a village...

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