Rinku & Dinesh Return From India; Think The Pirates Suck

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Of course he posed in front of a truck.

After spending the offseason back in India, WoW HoFers Rinku Bhramdeen Singh and Dinesh Patel are back in Pirate City, FL enjoying metro Sarasota-Venice's finest chain restaurants, Snooty the Manatee and hey, some pitching! They were treated like kings at home all winter but still seem stoked be back. I guess it's true what they say about taking the boy out of Bradenton.

Our families going crazy when they seeing all the videos and the articles they doing in USA. Dinesh's mom seeing video he pitching and she very worried he hurting his arm. We explaining many rules of the baseball and showing many things we seeing in the USA.

they are happy to see us living in very good place Pirates City, and we getting good chance here.

Many fans sending us emails during off season, but we not having internet in our villages, so we not getting your emails until we getting back today.

We both very happy to be back playing baseball. In India, no one playing the baseball, so we only throwing a little for three months. We feeling rested and we excited to joining team again here.

That seems kind of strange doesn't it? Two young ballplayers going THREE WHOLE MONTHS... without internet. And yeah, the throwing thing. It seems that almost every guy I've ever talked to spends his entire offseason doing baseball related activity. But if there's one thing that we've been convinced of in the two years following R&D, it's that despite our initial skepticism, their handlers have pretty regularly done what's best for them. Except for the ribs incident.

  • The looming problem for the boys seems to be their growing awareness that they play for The Pirates. And while that's never been a good thing, their 2010 futility in the face of what was some mild preseason optimism has made this rough start even rougher. And Dinesh has noticed.

    I pitching pretty good. We watching Pirates losing very bad this week. We not liking this - Pirates our team.

    Poor bastard.

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    we not having internet in our villages, so we not getting your emails until we getting back today

    Sounds like they spent the offseason at Liakos' place.

    The only real difference between Rinku's hut and Liakos' apartment is the year's supply of beefaroni in Kris' pantry.

    I wouldn't eat Beefaroni with your sense of self loathing.

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