Run Differential Magic with the Milwaukee Brewers

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This afternoon, the Milwaukee Brewers defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates, 20-0. They outscored the Pirates 36-1 in the three-game series.

The Pirates have the worst run differential in baseball. But what makes it even better is the Pirates already had the worst run differential in baseball coming into the game. Now they have the worst run differential by 22!

Previous RDMs: Twins (May 2009), Phillies (July 2009).

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The Pirates are technically a three-win team, who just so happened to also sweep Dusty's Reds last weekend. Ouch.

What's that make their Pythagorean record? -2 & 17?

Don't forget our $2000 bet on today's game, Iracane.

If your run differential is higher than the amount of runs that you've scored, you might be a redneck.


that is all.

I couldn't have said it better myself, KWSN.

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