Scott Stapp Pens Boring & Puerile Tribute to Chris Coghlan

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Scott Stapp, who I know I'm supposed to hate but couldn't figure out why until Wikipedia told me he was in that horrible band Creed, is a huge Marlins fan. Stapp did the entire world a favor below as he rewrote one of his terrible songs, "You Will Soar", to honor the Fightin' Lorias.

If memory serves me right, Creed was one of those Christian 'rock' bands who refused to pigeonhole themselves as such, but still wrote simplistic three-chord songs about getting lifted up to heaven after the reckoning. Marlins player, Jesus freak, and recurring star of This Tweet in Baseball Chris Coghlan must be enthused.

The poor quality video is embedded below. Please to...enjoy?

And if that isn't enough to shatter your eardrums and make you lose all faith in humanity, watch Stapp 'sing' the National Anthem before the Marlins home opener earlier this week:

(thanks for the link, Matt_T)

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I watched this like 10 times last night. BREAKING NEWS: I am considering the merits of voluntary commitment.

Keep hoping and dreaming and you will soar
Yeah, keep hoping. This song may be better than "Miracles."
One strike, then two strike, swing away
Hey, that's Mark Reynolds' strategy!

You know what Marlins do? They swim, they don't soar.

Scott Stapp sounds like he's doing an intentionally sub-par Neil Diamond impersonation.

Related: Stapp will perform Sweet Caroline during the next Yankees-Red Sox Sunday Nighter.

I was waiting for Tiger's Dad to start speaking when I watched this.

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