Supporting The Diamondbacks Boycott

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This week on Edge Of Sports Dave Zirin laid out his case for boycotting the Arizona Diamondbacks in the wake of Arizona's passage of SB-1070. Zirin says that this will be the last column he writes concerning the Diamondbacks for the foreseeable future. While I don't think that I'll be taking that route (covering 29 of 30 teams doesn't seem like it would allow a site like ours to do its best work), Rob and I support the financial boycott of the team and its owners and would like to urge any of our readers interested in social justice and the civil rights of all people to do the same.

There is a direct causal relationship between the team and this legislation. As stated in the Zirin piece, Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendricks and his family have contributed over $250,000 to the Republican party in 2010 and over $1M in total. This makes them one of the largest financial supporters in Arizona of the party sponsoring this legislation. Team founder and former owner Jerry Colangelo also has a history of supporting conservative religious and political causes that infringe on personal liberty, and some of that money had to come from running the Snakes. I understand the argument that if this caught on and actually affected the bottom line of the team it would be the lower level employees that felt it first, and that Ken Kendrick wouldn't have to start eating frozen dinners. Let's be honest, there isn't going to be a groundswell of that kind of support from most sports fans. But as sports fans who also happen to, you know, engage in the outside world and don't subscribe to the notion that THEY MUST BE SEPARATE!, the financial boycott is a viable way of being heard.

If you're unfamiliar with this issue the video embed above of a Democracy Now! interview with US Rep Raul Grijalva from Arizona is a good place to start. Noting the terrible precedent this legislation can set even he's calling for a targeted economic boycott of his own state. In these days of the Tea Party it is little surprise that he's receiving death threats.

No sport's success is as inextricably linked to the Latin people as baseball's. Without the influx of talent from Latin countries over the past 40 years the game would not be played at even close to the level it is today. It's a shame that Diamondbacks ownership sees fit to profit from that, while playing a role in the denial of basic human freedoms.

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And really, why would these Tea Party jerks who claim to want smaller government even support such a HUGE GOVERNMENT OVERREACH? Oh right, because they're all bigots.

Sorry, A.J. Hinch. You're going to default on that new McMansion in Chandler.

"Democracy Now" which is based out of New York is trying to stop a law in AZ that was voted into effect the ELECTED representatives of a state of AZ and then signed by the ELECTED Governor of AZ. BTW, 70% of the citizens of AZ support the law. Is “Democracy Now" an ironic name like calling a fat guy Tiny?

I'd respond, but I'm going to have to see your papers first.

I wrote this mainly to piss you off.


While I think it's safe to say that broad swaths of both parties bear responsibility for getting us to this point, there is no denying that passage of this legislation is a monumental dick move--spiteful, hateful, and driven by the most cynical political calculations.

Let's hope Rinku and Dinesh don't get traded to the D-BAcks.

/this has PoFlaWa written all over it


Agreed on all parties bearing responsibility here. That's one of my primary political MOs. But looking at the sponsorship of this bill and the fact that similar legislation was vetoed numerous times by the former Democratic governor, one must call a spade a spade here.



BCTF, the reason we live in a representative democracy and not a direct democracy is because of stuff like this. Something tells me that Joe Flagstaff isn't the most informed on matters like this.

You want to live in a world where pollsters write legislation? Fine, move to...uh...oh right, Arizona.

I'll be dead in the cold, cold ground before I recognize a Rasmussen poll.

83% think I will get better.

God bless those that play the DEMOCRACY card only in cases they happen to support. TOTALITARIAN STATE

No sport's success is as inextricably linked to the Latin people as baseball's.

Yeah? Well I saved Latin. What did you do?

Pfft. As if cops need a new law to get them to stop minorities.

Also, can we change the tagline to, "Walkoff Walk, your No. 1 America-hating baseball blog"?

If this boycott includes Arizona Ice tea count me out, their sweet tea in a can is really good.

Make room up there Drew, there may be more than a few of us joining you in a few years.

Actually legislators wrote that legislation. If illegal immigrants don't like being arrested for breaking the law then maybe they should move to CA.


You call that an Arnold Palmer? Don't make me laugh. Or deport you.

Also, if Hispanic people don't like being arrested for being Hispanic, perhaps they should be Albert Pujols.

This post can also be titled "Boycotting the Diamondbacks Support".

Honestly, BCTF, I agree with you. I really do think we need to build a huge fence to keep Mexicans out, and maybe if we had more reasonable drug laws and gun laws in this country, THEY WOULDN'T BE POURING INTO ARIZONA AND TEXAS TO AVOID THE DRUG GANGS THAT AMERICA ARMS AND FUNDS.

But as long as the illegals are here, they deserve human rights.

I am not a huge fan of the law by any means. I believe the less power the goverment has the better. I think there is an immigration problem but there are other ways of fixing it but I am not going to sit up her in MN and tell people in AZ how to fix their problems. The state of AZ has a right to make their own laws.


no I'm not talking about that half tea/half lemonade crap. I'm talking about Southern style sweet tea.

warning: Arizona Tea web site plays some shitty sounding hipster music in the background.

Obviously there will be disagreement among us here on this issue. However, I think we can all agree Red Sox fans should be deported immediately.

/looking at you Liakos

THE METS SUCK!!!!1!!!!1

Arizona Tea is a pathetic excuse for tea. Nothing about Arizona is southern style.

You want some real sweet tea, you know where to find me.
(in the dirty south)

Clearly, this whole issue and debate here is David Eckstein's fault.

Deport Mike Bacsik!


Next time I'm in Marietta visiting my God son I'll look you up. I know the real deal sweet tea is found down South, but up here in upstate NY I have to take what I can get.

/debating sweet tea > debating politics

It's the Blacks.
It's the Whites.

I think I won that one.

Also, Arizona's Arnold Palmer in a can is the best Arnold Palmer that you can get for 99 cents.
/too many double entendres

Do you have Arnold Palmer in a can? WELL YOU BETTER LET HIM OUT HES ASTHMATIC AND OLD.

I agree with this boycott. Just look at that stadium. Just putrid.

I mean, who cares about the 10,000+ legal men and women who will be inconvenienced by this unconstitutional law signed into effect by old white people who hate minorities? FUCK those people, right?

Seriously though, Arizona had to be brow-beated into recognizing MLK Jr Day as a holiday.

In other news, Ben Sheets throws today.

I am boycotting cream cheese and cracked bells because of the ridiculous contract extension that got handed out yesterday. FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY PEOPLE!!!

rger king and purchased two double cheeseburgers. I then went up the street three blocks to McDonalds and purchased one more double cheeseburger and a Diet coke to clean my p

Kris, if you're going to be on your high horse, you could at least use it to patrol the border. BE USEFUL!

Now we get there and order our tickets and im thinking, a decent film wid a heavy munch that we are about to sneak inside, so i was grinning hard. We get in and the screen aint packed at all, about 10 peeps max in there. So me and my fren settle down and we eating the pizza and the pizza is tastying GOOD. After eating most of it I close back the box and put the box on the arm of the chair next to me wid the plastic bag on top. Had two slices of tasty pizza left in the box for br

I doubt that Mexicans are in the minority in AZ and I would guess plenty of hispanic, black, asian, and american indian supported that law. All of Arizona is inconvenienced by criminal illegal immigrants

But Ninja Man told The Sunday Gleaner, "Him chuck mi first, mi chuck him back, a man grab mi from back way, a man sweep weh mi foot, and by the time mi look, is a bottle dat inna my face. The Alliance fi dead, somebody fi dead, mi a wait pon the meeting with the police fi work that out. I don't want to be the old Ninja Man, if dem neglect mi, mi a go kill somebody, mi go pon stage fi mek the people dem feel nic

bol is having a seizure

Sorry, dudes. I was just trying to change the channel. Political debates are always so hard to watch.

"What'd he say?"

"I think he said the sheriff is near!"

Far be it from me to jump into the middle of a fracas, but I'm confused. What exactly constitutes a "criminal" illegal immigrant?

Like, is he/she a criminal because they raped someone or stole a car? Yes, definitely kick those people out. We have enough home-grown rapists and thieves (See: Bengals, Cincinnati). But if they're a "criminal" based solely on the fact that they're here "illegally," then maybe we need to rein in the use of the word "criminal."

Also criminal? The fact that I have posted numerous comments on this topic and not ONCE have I linked to this.

Not to halp out one side or the other, but yeah - immigrants who are here "illegally" are in "criminal violation" of the "laws" of this "country." Deporting them, or housing them in giant internment camps where they can make crappy plastic toys for export to China and/or Mexico is better than what either of those governments would do to them.

Incidentally, I worked for Bill Bradley and Howard Dean to prevent the deBushacle. So I guess I am a lefty. But seriously, given the unemployment situation, it might be good to export some of our labor supply. More jobs for people who were born here or immigrated legally. Of which there are many.

I don't know, find a few candidates who support the rewriting of the immigration quotas to read "infinite." Get those people elected. That would probably work out fine.

Anyone else notice the 3:33AM start time for the second LAD-NYM game on the scoreboard?

I did mean the ones that sell drugs and kill farmers

That's GMT

Right, and everyone who goes 5 MPH above the speed limit is in violation of the "law," but it's still selectively enforced. The jobs that would open up, by the way, aren't exactly middle-management jobs in the tech sector. It's hard labor that many of our nation's unemployed deems beneath them. Unfortunately, most people, when faced with the prospect of washing dishes at a restaurant or harvesting soybeans for minimum wage, choose neither.

Then I totally agree with you. Shit, I'm down for exporting ALL of our criminals, immigrant or not. Australia part 2, bitches.

New Jersey would lose a bunch of electoral votes

I don't want to get all economical because it's a baseball blog, but yeah, the harvesting soybeans jobs and taking care of kids and housecleaning jobs will all either go away or command higher wages - depending on ability to pay and necessity. It is really, really, hard to tell what the net effect of a black-market undocumented economy is on the open-air economy, but the thinking is that the tax base would increase if everything was forced above-board.

By this I mean that much of the work presently done would go away, but the stuff that broke the threshold would generate tax revenue. Which we need to pay for our ridiculous end-of-life healthcare. Don't Fear the Reaper! Go Quietly Into That Good Night.

Australia Part 2? Oh, please God, no.

Personally, I expect to live forever because I am young. Pass the tequila. (not a subliminally racist request)

The idea that a natural-born American citizen of Hispanic descent (especially one that doesn't speaka-the English very well, and yes, such people do exist) must now carry identity papers on them at all times to avoid being arrested is a very, very scary thought.

First they came for the illegals and nobody said anything.

Then they came for Schilling's blog and he was too busy shooting illegals to stop them.

That movie blew. My wife tried to pass it off as a war movie to get me to watch it.

for what it's worth, i'm positive that Arizona Iced Tea is based out of New York.

And incidentally, Philadelphia Cream Cheese has nothing to do with the City of Philadelphia.

Yesterday I saw an brown skinned kid order bacon and cream cheese on a roll. Deport her!

(see how I wrapped all that up?)

"Democracy Now" which is based out of New York is trying to stop a law in AZ that was voted into effect the ELECTED representatives of a state of AZ and then signed by the ELECTED Governor of AZ. BTW, 70% of the citizens of AZ support the law. Is “Democracy Now" an ironic name like calling a fat guy Tiny?"

As an Arizona citizen who doesn't support this law I can tell you that 70% of Arizona citizens most certainly do not support this law. I don't know where you got the number but it isn't based on fact. I can also tell you that calling Jane Hull the ELECTED Governor of AZ is a bit misleading (esp. when you stress it like that) because she was never elected governor. She stepped in when Napolitano stepped up to Obama's cabinet. But that's neither here nor there.

What I can say is that regardless of how you feel about illegal immigration this law is not the answer. This law is about harassing people who are Mexican regardless of legal status. This law is about forcing a large subset of Arizona citizens (30% of Arizona's population is made up of legal Mexicans which equals close to 2M legal citizens of Hispanic origin) to consistently defend their citizenship. This law unfairly penalizes a large portion of the state who have committed no crime at all, simply because they look like the people who are committing crimes. People have joked about this but I will reiterate it: what does an illegal immigrant look like? How can you tell the difference just by looking? This law is racist and needs to be replaced with one that makes better sense without alienating nearly a third of Arizona's population.

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