Things Yet To Happen: The Afternoon & Night Games

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A lot of my fifth starter friends are making their debuts today. Let's just jump right into it!

Post Lunch Lethargy:The early afternoon games are wholly underwhelming. Carlos Zambrano trots his 54.00 ERA out to the mound against Aaron "BRAINS" Harang. When this is what qualifies as a marquee matchup for the early games, you know something is up. Elsewhere, it's Mitch Talbot/Jeremy Bonderman, Scott Baker/Freddy Garcia and John Lannan/Oliver Perez. Zzzzzz.

The Return of FOX: That's right folks, depending on where you live, McCarver and Buck may be back to assaulting your eardrums and sense of sanity. At 3:10PM (Note: Sweet time!), the lucky kids might be able to pay homage to King Felix as he makes his second start of the season against the Rangers. Or if you live in the Middle East Midwest, the recently extended Yovani Gallardo is trotting to the hill for his second closeup. Most of us though will get the aforementioned Buck and McCarver calling the Yankees/Rays tilt. CC Sabathia is also undertaking start number two on the year while the Rays turn to their fifth starter, Wade Davis. Surely we can all be forgiven for turning to The Masters today, right?

Step Back and Here Comes the Nighttime: Everybody is invited to watch Dan Haren make it look easy against the Pirates. Your matchup of the day is Zack Greinke against Josh Beckett at 7:10PM. Josh Johnson looks to improve after a bad first start. His counterpart, Vincente Padilla is simply looking to be less full of FAIL than last time out. Dana Eveland shows off his girl's name against the Orioles. In your last game of the day Todd Wellemeyer looks to keep the Giants record a perfect 5-0 in a matchup against the Braves and will likely fail. This 10:05PM game has the best chance of us getting to see shrimp based on nothing but my own filthy desires and the fact that these two offenses are full of meh.

Full listing of games and times for your easy reference. Converse among yourselves hither.

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I hope the Giants play Welle tonight, and keep the Braves' score Lowe.

Last year, Catshirt offered me Feddy Sanchez for Todd Wellemeyer on April 9 (I had to check my archived gmail for that info). I'm so glad I declined that.

April 9th was also the last day that Catshirt looked at his team

That John Lannan/Oliver Perez matchup could be all sorts of fun! OK, fun for all the wrong reasons, mind you, but STILL...

Oliver Perez has been the embodiment of the Mets' failures for so long, I almost feel badly rooting against him. Almost.


Serves you right, Iracane. But Kelly Shoppach? That's got to hurt.

Ha, kelly's a girls name.

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