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Seriously, even the Mets fans are shocked that the number one most hated team in the Americas isn't the Yanks. Shouldn't we be focusing our pity on the Cleve and not our disdain? I, for one, am beginning to focus my negative energy away from the Mets onto the Dodgers, mostly because the McCourts are scumbags and Ned Colletti is a total jackass.

Putting hatred aside, let's all enjoy this evening's slate of games, including a nationally-televised Twins-Tigers romp on ESPN. See you tomorrow, same WoW channel.

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HOW are the Diamond Backs not the most despised team in baseball? I am sure the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has something to do with that.

Tigers on ESPN AND its against the Twins?

Minnesota sets an all-time record for runs scored in a game tonight.

We're #1! We're#1 We're #1! Finally, we win something. I'm pretty sure Liakos stuffed the ballot box, though.

If Liakos had stuffed the ballot box, you can bet Pittsburgh would have "won".

We almost had shrimp in Milwaukee

Someone get on the horn to Arizona and see if we can get Cleveland deported to Belarus. Belarus: It's Where Cleveland Belongs!

WILL you take a night off from celebrating the success of YOUR 12-10 WASHINGTON NATIONALS? Not me! It's a lifestyle!

Actually, Jackalicious, Cleveland has a huge Slovenian population. Probably better off shipping them back home.

Comcast just ran a promo for Dollar Dog Night at CBP, and said the Dollar Dogs were "compliments" of Hatfield. Even at just $1, they're still making about $.40 profit per dog. That's not how "compliments" works, folks.

Over at Yankee stadium, they now have $0.80 Dogs, which are compliments of McCoys.

Farty, I hear they shoot them out of a shotgun, which is rad. Unfortunately, they're made of squirrel brains and give you Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. But $0.80? You can't be that price!


Thank you, Bruce Bochy, for taking Tim Lincecum out of a 4-1 game with 1 out in the top of the ninth.

It's now 4-4 courtesy of a bases-loaded double from Jayson Werth. Hope yous don't have Brian Wilson in yer fantasy leagues.

JIMJAM with a tater tot.

This Phillies game is off the meter. Do yourselves a favor and check out the highlights on afterwards. There have been about 3 sequences that I've never seen before.

NJ, How can anyone pay attention to the Phillies when there is a massacre occuring in Tampa Bay?

If you wear body armor and and you lean into a pitch with the bases loaded just to get a run across you deserve to get hit somewhere where you don't have body armor in your next at bat

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