Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, it's sacrilicious

That's it for today. Unlike the banks under the auspices of the Federal Reserve and your local post office, we'll be open for business tomorrow with Creampuff, Classic TV, and maybe another fun item. Same WoW channel.

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What, no Wholphin?

Are we going to do a mediocrity contest this year?

I cannot believe Rob allowed Corey-as-Judas under his watch.

So who's the dude on the end next to Money Bag Baby? Is that Joba?

Also, needs more autograph-hound Iracane.

Entering that Wezen-ball contest is more complicated than filling out the census, which is scary.

The 'About Us' page says yes. My sense of dignity on the other hand...

Reload the picture. I forgot to put the seal in originally.

I love this so much I want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant.

@ BC - after going 6 for 6 last year (and probably never seeing your prize), it'd be ballsy to spin the mutton again

I want that picture inside of me.

Ah, c'mon Colonel, it's not that hard (is it?). Just make a copy of the sheet and enter the team win totals in each division. Of course, I might not be the best person to ask... sorry if it's a pain.

Thanks for the shout-out, Rob. I suspect your 4-way, 87-win tie might complicate your chances...

Dammit, you forgot to put Cat Stairs in the photo, Rob!

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