Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, use it or freeze it.


I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Unless you're one of the people in the above video setting a world record in a Hideki Matsui snuggie. Then I just hope that one day you find both the peace and companionship that you are clearly in dire need of. Bon soir, baby. Same WoW channel.

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Anaheim Angels fans also hold the record for most people wearing a watermelon as a hat at one time at 4.

Peavy started a few games last year. But that was well after Ozzie decided that he was going to focus on social media for the season. So this is the first start that matters.

I'm such a moron.

Yes, but we don't hold it against you Catshirt.

I'd rather Ichiro get punched in the face than go to Cooperstown.

If you're around, I'm glogging the Yanks and Sox for The Score.

If you're mobile, download The Score app and play along from the bar. A good time is had by most.

Which, if any, of these games will be played on white dirt?

Steven Tyler looks like someone's nana.

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