Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, needs more berries.

  • WHO will have the homiest opening? Toronto, Seattle, or San Diego? I'm not sure, the girls in those towns always seemed cute to me. Oh, HOMIEST.

  • WILL Barry Zito turn in another solid start even though he's not pitching against the Astros?

  • WHAT do Stephen Strasburg, Arolidis Chapman, Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin have in common? They all play sports! Yeah I thought it was going to be more compelling than that, too.

  • IS your preferred team in this new college baseball Top 25? Mine is ranked 7th which means they're in perfect position to once again enter the postseason highly ranked and then be bounced early. I love consistency.

I can fight ten cops! Same WoW channel.

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My "preferred team" stopped fielding an organized baseball team sometime in the early nineties. Didn't help that they're based in the frozen wasteland of Madison, Wisconsin.

WILL I escape this conference long enough to enjoy what looks to be awesome weather in Boston and, perhaps, randomly run into CATSHIRT?

WILL the Phillies hold on their three run lead over the GNats to move to 6-1? Probably, as long as they can keep Dunn and Willingham from going yard in the 8th.

If you would like to deliberately run into CATSHIRT he will be attending the Titus Andronicus/Hallelujah The Hills show at Great Scott in Allston this evening. Drop me a line.

Tonight is tough, but I'll drop you a line tomorrow. Enjoy the show.

I personally think it's very cute that the Phillies raised a runners up flag today. How adorable, they're proud of second place!

Both Andruw Jones and Scott Rolen have hit two homers tonight.

I think that they've stepped into the HOT TUB TIME MACHINE.

Right behind you at #8, Catshirt. SEE YOU IN THE SUPER REGIONAL

IS your preferred team in this new college baseball Top 25?

Why yes, it is. Ranked number 3, thankyouverymuch.

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