Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, the tongue is a sword.

Yes, by clicking that link tonight at 9 you will be treated to the sweet music of Rob, Drew and me discussing 4 baseball topics and 1 non baeball topic in the fashion that we've been doing for well over a year now. Also we encourage you to call to either chime in or discuss something completely off topic until we hang up on you. The number is, as always, (347) 843-4807. Do join us. Same WoW frequency. You too, RZA.

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WILL The Padres continue their
offensive surge
at home? No, because they're not playing tonight.

And you really want me to miss a moment of Lost? Silly boys.

My father-in-law to be is a great guy, but perhaps a little ginzo. When I invited him to the Yankee game tomorrow he told me he'd bring some oysters and clams.

"Uh, I don't think you can bring those into the Stadium"

"Oh yeah? Fuck 'em, we'll put em down with a few beers in the parking lot"

I love this guy.

I assume tonight's FF will be all-singing, all-dancing in an attempt to compete with Glee in the same timeslot.

Awesome, Chief. Sounds like you're going to have a peach of a game.

We may be neither singing nor dancing tonight, MDT, but we MAY be liveglogging Ricky Romero's no-hitter attempt.

So much for that. No-no? LOST.

No shame in grits, RZA. No shame.

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