Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, those were the beginnings of thinking.

  • BORED in New York? They're playing two up in Queens.

  • WHO will emerge victorious in the first Twins/Tigers tilt since Game 163? Hard to bet against Liriano so far.

  • WILL the Sox and Jays play a slightly less maddening game? No mas, 25 runs.

  • CAN the Cubs win their 6th straight game and move above .500? Both they and the opposing Nationals are 10-10. THINK OUTSIDE THE BUN.

  • WILL the Seattle One Eyed Undertakers continue to blow their futile offensive horn against Zark Groonky and the Royals?

What'd I miss? Lots of stuff! Great night for baseball. Catch some if you can. Complain about it here if you want. Or tell us what you're having for dinner. Whatever. See you tomooooorrrrooowww. Same WoW Channel.

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What am I having for dinner? Whatever my wife makes.


Save room for Sizzler tomorrow.

If it was May, I'd say Verlander wins tonight. But since he is allergic to the month of April, we're fucked.


@njpanick, how many times do I have to tell you, Wednesday night is Old Country Buffet night. Now go get some sleep before that baby boy of yours is born.

I remembered, but Sizzler is funnier to me. Mainly because as a chubby tot my mom would take me there and I would eat about 60 corn fritters and nothing else. What a turd I was.


The whole team is allergic to the month of September


Sizzler cheddar bread was awesome in my youth. Also? Going to the salad bar and making 40 bean/nacho cheese burritos.

All you can eat soft serve was great. 40 bean/nacho cheese burritos would make my butt look like a soft serve ice-cream machine

I assume that after dinner, UU has a bunch of ribbon candy that is stuck together in a ball for dessert.

When I was a kid I kid eat anything and not get diarrhea...even diarrhea.

My daughter loses the gamble almost every time she farts. I am not sure when I will stop thiking that's funny.

Missing the Celtics game tonight to play basketball, but thank God I am only gonna miss the first inning of the Sox game since I'll be out at 9:30 PM. Zing?

I'll forever maintain it wasn't so much the Detroit collapse, as it was the fact that the Twins went approximately 48-2 over their last 30 games.

My math is correct.

Fucking Sheets. I hate him almost as much as the DL.

UU, I hope you've awakened from your gravy coma, because Arizona Iced Tea is a TRENDING TOPIC on twitter.

Liriano is dealing but the Twins have left approx 45 men on base so it's only 1-0

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh the Phillies.

Looks like you're not feeling Wellemeyer, DMac.

I know this is a baseball site but I don't care. Suck it, Joachim Noah. You're the Pierzinski of the NBA. Let's go Cavs!

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