Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, she's conventional.

  • HAVE you been surprised at Justin Duchscherer's 3 consecutive impressive starts. He suffered through so many injuries and had such a lousy first start, that I kind of have. He takes on the equally dealing Ricky Romero and the Blue Jays.

  • WILL the annoyingly effective Matt Garza and his Rays continue to roll against KC?

  • WILL the Pirates play like the team with the better record against The Dodgers? Because they are.

  • HOW do you feel when you find yourself agreeing with Ozzie Guillen? High, right?

  • DOES anyone have a frontline report from the Diamondbacks protest in Denver, or planning on being at the upcoming ones in Chicago? I'm interested to hear just how much shit the protesters are taking from Joe Baseballfan,. That's his real name.

  • CAN the Yankees salvage rubber from the hapless O's?

Happy birthday to Duane Allen of The Oak Ridge Boys. Hey now. Tomorrow is Friday already. Creampuff and Classic TV and stuff like that. Well, not really. Mostly just that exact stuff. Okay, bye.

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"Salvage"? Is that what you call it when you win nearly every single series of the year?

If this is happing already, I don’t think that law is going anywhere. Those hippies should go and protest something else or maybe even get a job.

Any means necessary . . .


I can't wait to see the footage John McCain mowing his lawns.

I resent that, BCTF. I occasionally have a job!

Also, aren't real hippies too stoned to protest?

(Actually, I'm covering Phillies again for Comcast SportsNet on Saturday. Yes, from Air Bud jokes to covering actual live baseball games in about a year.)

Why does the google ad bar currently have "Utah Jazz Playoff Tickets" in it? At least it does for me, anyway...

Knowing John Finger certainly doesn't hurt. I'm not sure if it actually helps, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

I also interned there a million years ago and did some Sixers stuff for them in... I dunno, I covered the draft for them when Iguodala was taken. I also write about running sometimes, and soccer and boxing too! If someone could pay me to write about video games I would be living the dream. But baseball will do, too.

Writing about anything in Philadelphia will do!

Oh, I hate myself.

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