Unrelated Observations About Opening Day In Listicle Form

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Opening Day is officially in the books now with the home teams winning seven games and dropping six. The San Francisco Giants, Pittsburgh Pirates and Atlanta Braves are riding high in first place; the Minnesota Twins, Chicago Cubs, and Los Angeles Dodgers are "slumping" in last. Here's some things I noticed from Our Favorite Sport's first day:

  • Batting in the five spot, new Milwaukee outfielder and old fart Jim Edmonds went 0-for-3 with two strikeouts in three plate appearances with runners in scoring position. This was one of several reasons the gents on the MLB Network spent a good three minutes talking about why Brewers manager Ken Macha is on the hot seat. Someone get Catshirt on the phone.

  • With the bases loaded, one out and the score tied in the bottom of the ninth, Rangers catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia kept us from enjoying the shrimp on Opening Day by lofting a lazy fly ball over a drawn-in outfield to win the game. The game's loser, Jason Frasor, walks approximately four batters per nine innings, so Jarrod deserves our scorn for not being a bit more patient.

  • I'd like to see you try to throw a baseball while wearing Kevlar body armor underneath a gaudy red jacket, smartass.

  • Jason Heyward (seen above killing a baseball) has deposited a tidy sum of goodwill into his personal account with a debut game that included said a tater tot and four RBI. Heyward could (and possibly will) finish the year with a less-than-spectacular slugging percentage and more strikeouts than most Braves fans want, but he's already earned the respect and adulation of many an Atlanta supporter already.

  • Speaking of the Braves, Bobby Cox, the team's longtime manager due to retire at the end of the season, was honored before Atlanta's game with the Cubs. After receiving a resounding standing ovation, he posed for photos with opposing skipper Lou Piniella and the game's umpiring crew. That'd be like O.J. Simpson and Fred Goldman posing for a post-trial picture with Judge Lance Ito, which, now that I reconsider that famewhore Ito, very well could have happened.

  • New Phillies third baseman Placido Polanco quietly collected six RBI, becoming just the 14th MLBer to drive in at least that many runs on Opening Day. As per stud commenter NJPAnick, the all-time Opening Day record is seven RBI, held by Brant Alyea (1970) and WoW patron saint Corey Patterson (2003). That's some heady company, Plassy.

  • Mark Buehrle is a man among boys. He probably clinched the 2010 American League Gold Glove Award for pitchers in one fell swoop. (via Dmac)

  • Finally, and most importantly, the 2010 PNC Heist tickets arrived via the good people at FedEx. If you reserved tickets for the event and haven't paid me yet, I will hunt you down and hold your lawn ornaments hostage until you do.

So what was your favoritest part about Opening Day?

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"I haven't seen [that energy at Turner Field] in quite some time," third baseman Chipper Jones said. "I don't know that I've ever heard this stadium that loud, when Jason hit that home run. It was a spine-tingler and the first of many career highlights for him."


Heyward then visited several Atlanta area hospitals where he cured people of cancer.

I'm wondering if they are going to give Bob Cox a goodbye gift and a plaque in every stadium this year? A farewell tour?

Also of note, one can easily observe the state of the Dodgers by the pitchers they used on Opening Day:

Vicente Padilla
Russ Ortiz
Jeff Weaver

Favorite part of Opening Day: all those Cardinals home runs.

Least favorite part: OMG OUR BULLPEN IS FUCKED!

My favorite: Roy Halladay taking pity on the Nationals, giving up a run in the first to make themselves feel better before slaughtering them.

Since I am such a stud, I will gracefully note that I read that dandy Polanco tidbit at here.

My favorite part of Opening Day was refreshing this site often. Fine work yesterday, fellas. Fine work indeed.

Best part of Opening Day: Spending it with some other WoWies.

Wort part: The skin cancer I now have.

My favorite part of Opening Day was the mortadella and provolone sandwich I had for lunch yesterday.

WoWies cause skin cancer? I'm having second thoughts about HEIST.
Who am I kidding, no I'm not.

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