Wake Up And Catch Meat

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Via the friendly, yet mildly psychotic folks at With Leather comes your 6:30 wake up call. It's a between inning promo from PNC Park (home of The Heist). It involves shooting hot dogs and catching meat and is sure to spoil whatever breakfast you may attempt to eat. PIRATES FANS, HOW DO YOU LIVE LIKE THIS?

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I've watched this five times and still can't figure out if that thing is a female condom or a crack pipe.

That is the greatest thing the Pirates have produced in the last 18 years.

Yeah, there's no real joke here (besides the obvious double entendre). They really do fire hot dogs out of a T-shirt cannon between halves of either the second or third inning.

Lots of teams fire hot dogs out of a cannon, Ed. But only the Pirates make an erotic video to promote it.

Hey, you never know, Rob. The Giants or Padres could also be showing the exact same type of video prior to launching Ostensible Meat Products at their home games. I wouldn't rule it out for the Brewers, either.

Either hot dogs is some new drug term for smack, or I just saw Fritz the Cat in that video. Could be both.

Last season, I was witness to the catching of cannon meat. Looked tasty.

mmmm... duct tape...

Jeez, Nick, I wish we could ALL be fancy royalty sitting high above the plebes in our swank luxury boxes catching cannon meat.

Send some of that cannon meat down to the regular hard-workin' blue collar folks, whydontcha?

Rings a little hollow coming from the guy who eats Lobell's steak sandwiches at Yankee Stadium, Rob. To make those they carve out the tenderest meat from Wagyu cows then toss the rest of the animal in a dumpster.

I found a couple peanuts under my seat once. They tasted awful.

Rob, I would never be caught dead trying to wade my way through this mess. By the time I made it to my seat, I'd have the scent of the poor on me, and it takes hours to wash that off.

Kids love this video, but it's an old one. The Pirates have new hot dog videos up on their YouTube channel. They're all innocently funny. Nothing beats silly songs and free snacks.

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