With Ban, MLB Threatens Existence of Our Weekly Twitter Roundup

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As per Hardball Talk's Aaron Gleeman's many, many sources, the higher-ups at MLB advanced media are cracking down on their columnist's usage of Twitter. Allegedly, the beat writers within the iron curtain on MLB.com are being told that they are to tweet ONLY about baseball-related topics, while some players who tweet are being tut-tutted for their more controversial tweets.

Granted, not every MLB.com beat writer is as interesting as Blue Jays beat guy Jordan Bastian. Some of them are real snoozes with terrible taste in culture and nobody will care that they're getting muzzled. But really, Twitter is not supposed to be just a vehicle for press releases and play-by-play. MLB should be encouraging their writers to punch up their feeds with the occasional joke or thought or music recommendation just as long as the missives are not offensive.

Part of this may be a reaction to the Mike Bacsik affair in which the former big league pitcher and current squawk radio host saluted the proud Latino population of San Antonio, or, more recently, A's pitcher Brad Ziegler gettin' all political up in Twitter:

Ziegler was expressing his thoughts on the boycott of the Diamondbacks by opponents of Arizona's wacky new immigration law, and he's welcome to his opinion, no matter how non-committal it is. Ziegler seems to be avoiding the controversy well by not taking sides, and after all, the whole ordeal is technically baseball-related anyway. I'm looking forward to seeing what Ziegler says next but I can only imagine it won't be anything political.

Worst of all, this throws the proverbial wrench into our newest feature, This Tweet In Baseball, which draws his humor from idiotic comments spewed out by players and, on the rare occasion, beat writers. If these folks are being watched closely by Big Brother Bud, will we ever get to read nonsensical blatherings like this ever again?

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If this prevents str8edgeracer from trying to figure out how to circumnavigate the globe with five-dollar foot longs, then the MLB has gone too far.

The Diamondbacks complained about Ozzie tweeting in Spanish.

One of the worst devolpments of the new season for the Braves, besides the new season, has been @jasonheyward shutting down his feed.

Brad Ziegler makes Lee Hazlewood look like Osama Bin Laden.

Er, Lee Greenwood. Although it's still funny the other way.

I want a churro... *sniff*

/pours out a beer

I can't believe MLB is making me side with straight edge racer or whatever.

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