Yanks Struggle To Choose Displayed Emotion Standing Behind Prez

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The World F'in Champion New York F'in Yankees visited the F'in White House yesterday, as is the custom for a team that wins the World F'in Series. Just this past weekend, I was in Washington D.C. and a bit disoriented, so I asked a man on the street, "How does one get to the White House?" He replied, "Face an overmatched Phillies team that has only one good starting pitcher, a shaky closer, and a lefty-stacked lineup". Zing to you, stranger.

Our gracious leader Barack Obama, a dyed-in-the-wool White Sox supporter, was indeed a gentleman and did not do something nefarious like Gillooly-ing Mariano Rivera's knee. Instead, he saluted the special individuals on the team, specifically Mark Teixeira, Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter and Joe Girardi, for their superior play and charitable work off the field.

But alas! No mention of Steroid Sweetheart Alex Rodriguez! Quel shockeur! Leave it to 'Duk to put it all in proper perspective:

But Obama also didn't mention players like CC Sabathia, Andy Pettite, A.J. Burnett or the not-in-attendance Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon and they all played instrumental roles in the Yankees' 27th World Series title, too. Heck, he didn't even mention George Steinbrenner by name or say anything about Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle or Joe DiMaggio. If you listen to the speech, it's obvious that the president was running off a tightly-written script and not running down a checklist of great names from the Bronx.

Yanks beat writer "Handsome" Mark Feinsand was in the house and shared this nugget.

There were some light-hearted moments as well. As the President posed for a photo with the World Series trophy, Jean Afterman - the Yankees' assistant GM - barked out, "Let him hold it; he may not get a chance again."

The room roared with laughter, but Obama came back with a quick reply. "And you wonder why the other teams don't root for you," Obama said with a smile.

Asked about Obama's anti-Yankee remark, Jeter joked, "He better be careful. There are a lot of Yankee fans that vote."

It's true, Yankees fans do vote, but mostly it's to ensure that Kevin Youkilis never starts an All-Star game again.

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You posted the wrong pic, Rob. This is more like it.

Still struggling with Sterling's call for the President.

"It's hosannas for Obama"?

it's obvious that the president was running off a tightly-written script

And that differs from most Presidential speeches, which are typically off-the-cuff and freeform. Ronald Reagan actually started Def Poetry Jam. Warren Harding taught Cab Calloway how to scat.

If there ever was a good time for a rouge jihadist to attack the White House, yesterday would have been it.

Yankees fans have two votes. One they use at the voting booth, and the other they have RIGHT HE-AH, YA FUCKIN MOOK

What exactly is a "rouge" jihadist? Is it a jihadist with very pink cheeks?

Does that mean Nixon gave Jello Biafra a couple singing lessons, too?

All three of those guys got their hair cut at the nearest army base

I hope while they were there someone from the Yankees gave Obama lessons on how to throw a baseball.

You can just see the wheels turning in A-rod's head.

Congratulations to the Yankees on a fine accomplishment

"He better be careful. There are a lot of Yankee fans that vote."

Lucky for the Pres. most of those fans live in NY.

Quick, someone show A-Rod how to tie a tie. I've seen better knots on a pair of Adidas shell-toes.

"Nnnnnnnnnit is high, nnnnnnnnnnnnnit is far, nnnnnnniiiit iiiiissss GONE! Ohhhhh, I wanna Ba-ROCK with you, Mr. Obama!"

Hate you, John Sterling.


Doesn't Arod have a life coach to help him with his ties?

Jeter and Purple Lips are actually both making their O faces.

The Secret Service later questioned Robinson Cano on suspicion of half-assed photobombing.

Why is Barbara Bush in this picture?

Jetter: I just got goosed!
Rodriguez: Where's mine?

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