Your Schadenfreudeful Red Sox Patriots' Day Chit Chat Post

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Sure, it's still early in the long haul that is a baseball season, but your Boston Red Sox have but four wins against eight losses and possess the fourth worst record in the majors. They have lost three straight home games against their rival Rays, have suffered a poor start from their spiritual power leader and lithe young ace, both of their centerfielders are creampuff'd, and they have forced the Curly Haired Boyfriend to gnash his teeth far earlier than usual. Times are tough in the Hub.

But alas and alack for us Yankees and Rays fans: this is the smallest of sample sizes and we have a seemingly interminable road ahead that will allow the Sox' most slump-y of pieces to regain their normal career arc. Jon Lester will throw 1-2-3 innings. David Ortiz will smack tater tots. J.D. Drew will either collect RBI or get leprosy and lose a limb.

Today is Patriots' Day in Massachusetts; this means that state employees get the day off to make a nuisance of themselves along the Boston Marathon course and cross their fingers that the old tired Red Sox don't get swept in four by the young and vibrant Rays. But even if the Sox fall again, chances are they will rise. After all, they do get 18 games against the Orioles.

In related news, this happened over the weekend. AL EAST UNITY!

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Watch for the Sox to sign Carlos Delgado and Jermaine Dye before the end of the week.

According to the googling I did last night (not using Wikipedia), the third Monday in April is set aside to commemorate the battle of Lexington and Concord. Since it was part of Massachusetts when the revolution took place, Maine observes this holiday as well.

So far, it's been a bad year for Sox. The White Ones are 4-9 and just got swept by the Indians.

Pic of Rob and Kris was taken shortly before their other other jobs:

According to a NYT crossword we did over the weekend, something called Patriot Day is celebrated in September. What the heck izzat?

You can tell that the Yankees were winning when that picture was taken.

Was that Catshirt in that pic? Is he going for heroin chic, or something?

Patriot Day is September 11th. According to, People observe it with half-staff flags and some people have a moment of silence at 8:46am Eastern Time.

Patriot's Day, the greatest holiday evah! NO ONE DENIES THIS!

You know, for some odd reason, I was wondering what happened to Bill Hall. Dude kills lefty pitching - too bad for him the Rays' starter is a righty today, huh?

I hope Bill Hall doesn't end up like Mel Hall.

Gettin' ugly in Fenway.

"the Red Sox are 0 for their last 32 with runners in scoring position."

Happy Patriots' Day, indeed.

So, how soon until they trade for Adrian Gonzalez?

I admire Iracene's restraint. Personally, If I were him, I would be pointing out to me that the Red Sox need to go 97 and 52 the rest of the way to "win more than a hundred games" as predicted by some jackass on this site.

If the Sox win more than 100 games, I will do a karaoke version of "It's My Life" and upload it to YouTube.

This weekend 4 game series was the second coming of the Rayspocalypse.

Raypril indeed.

@310, more like Raytriots Day.

/feels shame

Why not Pat-Ray-Oops Day? Too much of a stretch?

"Patri-Ughs Day"

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