All MLB Players To Come To Bat To Stupid Teen Pop Songs Soon

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wow.justinbeiber.jpg We all had a good laugh when Nick Johnson (now injured, naturally) started using Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" as his at-bat music. But did you know there are other major leaguers who use stupid pop songs too?

That's right: When Twitter mega-sensation Justin Bieber made an appearance at a White Sox game last week, Mark Teahen used Bieber's song "Baby" as his at-bat music. (Normally, Teahen uses a reggaeton song recorded by Jose Lima (!) or "Barbie Girl.")

The Associated Press article also notes that players other than Johnson have used "Party in the USA", but I guess we didn't hear about them because they're not members of the Yankees. And it also gets a quote from Justin Bieber's publicist about Teahen!

When Teahen used the song again, Bieber "was sitting up in box, and we all got excited. He was very honored," the singer's publicist, Melissa Victor, wrote in an e-mail.

To her knowledge, Teahen was the first player to use a Bieber tune, but if others did, "that would be cool."

If I needed at-bat music, I'd use "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." It'd throw everyone off.

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I'd use "Here Comes the King." It marks last call in St. Louis, so essentially, everyone drinks when I come to bat.

I'd use anything by either Dillinger Escape Plan or Meshuggah. That could get people to cheer and yell "Turn that noise off!" at the same time!

Atari Teenage Riot would make great at-bat music.

I'd go with the Undertaker's entrance theme, then have the PA announcer to yelp "MY GAWD! THAT'S NICK'S MUSIC!"

Oh, actually, it would be pretty awesome to come to bat to Bret Hart's music.

I actually LIKE the DX song. I could do without the talking at the intro, but it's got a cool beat that I can dance to.

Scratch that, I meant this one with Run DMC.

Ugh nevermind. That one breaks out into a Creed song all of a sudden.

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