And Now, The Most Important Image From Baseball This Weekend

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Last week: Bobby Cocks. And now, the corresponding female body part.

via The Fightins, of course

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Is that Nick?

I'm guessing it is.

The look on the guys face right below the shirt is even funnier

And now, the corresponding female body part

That shirt says nothing about butthole pleasures.

1. There is no doubt that shirt was bought either at the Wildwood or Sea Side Heights boardwalk.

2. He has a similar shirt that says: "Vagina: less filling, tastes great." Also, bought at the Jersey shore.

I'm also guessing it is Nick.

Those are pretty good seats for a jamoke

Wilford Brimley isn't too thrilled to be within earshot of Nick.

While I appreciate the notion that I would not only wear that shirt to the ballpark but preen for the cameras as well, it was not me.

Actually, I was behind the visitor's dugout with a shirt that said "pussy juice" in a Mountain Dew logo.

I wonder what Eskimo Michael Cera was thinking when he saw it.

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