And the Award For Best Cinematography of a Ballpark Brawl Video Goes To...

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Whomever held the Flip camera for this rollicking fistfight in the bleachers at the Cell in Chicago. Seriously, this rivals Néstor Almendros' best work.

(thanks to Weed Against Speed over at Sportress of Blogitude and Zoner Sports)

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Amazing how the fat kid with the Konerko jersey kept his afro wig on for the whole fight. Wait, what?

UU, he prefers to be called by his proper name, Samoan Konerko.

What I took away from this: Holy crap, I forgot Griffy was on the White Sox.

Néstor Almendros never hustles.

@Chief, duly noted. Why does white Griffey punch Samoan Konerko? Shouldn't they be fighting with Angels fans?

Kids, Kids! What's with the fighting? As far as Dad's concerned, you're all giant douchenozzles!

Fighting among their own. Kind of a bummer I already wrote the White Sox tune...

Perhaps in the heat of the moment he thought it was Pierzinski and reacted as any normal person would.

That clip is perfect: No one is seriously injured, no children are involved, Samoans ARE involved, man jerseys, an homage to Junior's five weeks with the White Sox, the vendor guy who just waltzes through the chaos, etc. etc. I think I most enjoy how the whole affair just runs out of steam and interest.

Forget my last comment, try this

Gorge, the vendor is the best. That was straight out of Airplane.

The kid at the :28 mark on the left-hand side of the screen throws three of the most pathetic punches I've ever seen, then kind of lurks off to the side the rest of the time. Chickenshittery like that gets my blood boiling.

Also, the lack of security/stadium staff is highlarious.

The vendor is definitely the best part of that video. Just passing through, doing his job...

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