Astronaut Fixes Satellite So We'll Never Miss Another Yankees Game

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Astronaut Garrett Reisman (earlier) is a yooge Yankees fan. And why not? He and I went to the same high school! So to make sure that the entire country can get their fix of Yankees games this week, he rocketed up into outer space and fixed up the teevee satellites.

I'm only half kidding. Between this past Monday night and next Sunday night, we will be witness to six out of seven Yankees games on national TV. (ESPN, MLBN, ESPN, MLBN, none, FOX, and ESPN). It's as if the cable companies are trying to tell us that the Yankees (and their opponents: the Sox, Rays and Mets) are successful and/or popular! Who knew?

Reisman and I share a common friend. She was kind enough to give me a framed photograph of the new and old Yankee Stadia that Garrett took from the space shuttle on his last jaunt to the cosmos, which I have proudly hung in my kitchen, albeit upside-down. Because I have far better aesthetics than whoever decided which way was up on this crazy planet.

(via Daily Intel)

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Yankees fans are fucking everywhere. Just last week, I saw some asshole wearing a green Yankees hat at a Giants game.


Was it Rob?

Farty, I bet he was one of them Italians and he smelled like capicola and olive oil.

Yeah well I went to high school with (don't hit him leadoff) Corey Patterson.

(and Adam Everett, but no one gives a shit about Adam Everett)

I'd like to send more Yankee fans into space with HAL 9000.

In space, no one can hear an uneducated, entitled mufftruck scream obscenities.

"I can see you're really upset about this..." "WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING WITH JOBA"

Oh yeah, people I went to high school with tell their friends they went to high school with me.

Off topic but I would love to be in DC tonight to see that pitching matchup.

Little known fact about R.A. Dickey. The first initial of his name is "U". Not sure why he chooses not to use it.

That matchup tonight is going to make slow pitch softball game look like a fast pitch softball game.


R.A. Dickey is the ultimate Quadruple-A pitcher. I saw him throw a 2-hitter in Oklahoma City a few years ago but he never seems to stick in the bigs.

He is either really good, or really bad, or somewhere in-between

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