Atlanta Braves NL West Title Clubhouse Party- 1982

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It's official. The "NL West Clubhouse Celebration Video" is now my favorite Classic TV Friday subgenre. Where once it brought us the insane fireball that was a lone, shrieking Will Clark during the '87 Giants' party, today it brings us drunken surrealism of the highest order.

It's 1982, I'm about 4 months old sitting in a high chair with strained carrots in my nose, but the Atlanta Braves have just won the division. These are the halcyon early days of TBS, 6 years into Ted Turner's ownership of the team (a genius acquisition that you can read about here). Turner was the face of the team more than just about any player during that era, and it's no surprise that he's the first guy interviewed. He was a likable, southern George Steinbrenner that smiled once in awhile. Once he lets out his greeting "AH WE LIIIIVE?" and then is accosted by the San Diego chicken one can only speculate on the number of bottles popped that day. And all this happens within the first minute of this epic ride. Watch it all, you won't regret it. So many epic quotes. You'll be primed for the weekend. I may watch this every Friday.

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+1 for partying Bob Gibson

1. The beat reporter running around in a rainbow-striped T and bright blue overalls (4:40) is awesome.

2. The BBWAA didn't start handing out Manager of the Year awards until 1983, one year after this video. So what the frig are Torre and EJ talking about at the end of the clip?

I miss the Ted Turner days.

and his fat wallet

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