Citi Field Is Full Of Garbage

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People_Start_Pollution_-_1971_Ad.jpg Some of the news that was fit to print (at least online): The high winds this weekend caused all the trash around Citi Field to blow onto the field. Apparently, the fans just throw their garbage everywhere.

This, of course, happens at every stadium, but what is incredible is the Mets' front office reaction to it. Take it away, New York Times:

Dave Howard, the Mets' executive vice president for business operations, said the team had no plans to add more trash cans or extra workers to the 18-member crew to deal with the litter.

"It's sort of good now that there is debris to be blown out there," Howard said. "It shows people are spending some money and buying food and drink and enjoying themselves."

Howard says there are hundreds of wastebaskets around the stadium. "But, typically, when people go to their seats, they just drop it on the floor, which is sort of a baseball tradition," he added.

The Mets' front office is maybe my favorite in baseball, non-Ed Wade division. Never before did I think I could hear the positives of trash blowing all over the field. Even how everybody throws their trash on the ground is turned into a baseball tradition, like pretending Abner Doubleday invented the sport or running onto the field and getting tased.

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This week on Hoarders, Dave Howard has turned his brand new stadium into a den of filth and trash.

I didn't know that had trash cans at ball games. I guess you learn something new everyday.

The Mets' front office should worry more about the trash sitting in the seats than the trash on the field.

Or the trash in their bullpen

I can't be the only one who is floored by the fact that they have a mere 18 people cleaning that place, right? Is this more or less than the average stadium? I would have thought the number would be in the 50s, at least.

@BCTF, hey yo! I have to believe this site would be a little more fun if there were a few more Mets fans commenters here.

I agree. But I wonder how many Mets fans are able to type. (RIMSHOT!)

Dave Howard: Hey dear, what's this puddle on the kitchen floor?
Mrs. Howard: The damn dog pissed inside again.

Dave Howard thinks bombs in Times Square are a good thing because it could teach kids about engineering.

One of the 18 worker's is Bobby Bonilla
Since the Mets will be paying him for the next 20 years they wanted to get some work out of him

@matt_T, in that case I hope Mo Vaughn is also part of the cleaning crew.

@Dan, not only be able to type, but be able to read. (waka waka waka)

Dave Howard thinks that all of the mold in Citi Field's luxury boxes will produce some delicious mushrooms.

Actually I think Mets attendance is down.

It is, to the tune of the highest year-to-year percentage drop.

2010: Meh. I'm not paying $400 to watch a shitty ballclub.

@Chief, however rat and sea gull attendance is up.

WoW would have a bigger Met contingent if the city allowed computers in the garbage trucks

I thought the Yankees were the only New York team allowed to invent baseball traditions. Like Roll Call from the Bleachers, Hating Facial Hair, and Being A Centaur.

Woo hoo! Litter! That's why we go to baseball games. Wait, WHAT?!

Throwing trash on the ground and not having any hall of fame players: two traditions perfect for the Mets.

Well, I guess Tom Seaver, but he's probably on the clean up crew with Bonilla and Vaughn.

Colonel, and Gary Carter

As far as the Hall is concerned, he's an Expo. That team has its own problems.

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