Classic Scene: Today's Afternoon Games

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Full slate of afternooners today. On with em.

  • Reds at Pirates, 12:35: In which Homer Bailey continues the struggle to be viewed as a good major league pitcher with each start. While Homes has gone more than 6 in any outing this year, he turned in a quality start against STL on 5/1... only to be shelled by Chicago in his following turn. But the Reds look for the sweep and their 12th win in 16 games. A streak that's gone a ways towards cooling Dusty's seat. Zach Duke (also coming off a great start against STL) goes for the Bucs.

  • Yankees at Tigers, 1:05: Double dip, thanks rain. The spectacular Phil Hughes can be scored upon by no mortal. Despite putting 30 runners on base in 32IP, only 6 of them have crossed home plate. He takes on Jeremy Bonderman in the first game. The second game sees Javy Vasquez take on Rick Porcello in an ERA matchup that looks more like opposing point guard PPGs. The Tigs took the first game of this 4 game set.

  • Braves at Brewers, 1:10: Atlanta has snapped out of their hitting funk up in Milwaukee (Algonquin for the good land) and have their hands on the broom. Both teams have identical 15-18 records and a love of good books. Lowe vs. Gallardo.

  • Nats at Mets, 1:10: Rubber in Queens between two more teams with identical records. The Nats are probably more of a surprise to the rest of the country, but round these Met bashing parts, that posi start has been the bigger surprise. Chris Stammen takes on the fallen back to earth Mike Pelfrey.

  • White Sox at Twins, 1:10: It's the final game of a Two Game Series, "The Only Series Length Officially Unedorsed By Walkoff Walk™." The White Sox won the first game 5-2 and today look to "sweep." The Twins are holding a 2.5 game lead in the division. John Danks takes on Mr. Reliable Carl Pavano. No, I'm serious. Dude has gone at least 7 innings in 4 of 6 starts, going 6 in one other. INNINGS EATER.

  • Blue Jays at Red Sox: The Sox look for their second series sweep in as many weeks. This one would allow them to jump Toronto into third place. Celebrate good times, come on! Shaun Marcum continues on the road back from the CTC Curse against Tim Wakefield, a man who will be starting for the Red Sox when I turn 45. Good thing this is an afternoon game because MY BAND FRENCH COPS IS PLAYING AT THE HOUSE OF BLUES ON LANDSDOWNE STREET DIRECTLY NEXT DOOR AT 930. ADMISSION IS FREE.

  • Marlins at Cubs, 2:20: Lord the Cubs are up and down. They're currently mired in their 27th hitting slump of the young season and have lost 4 in a row. The broomin Fish could get to .500 with a win. That 4 way tie that Iracane predicted isn't really gonna happen is it?? Volstad Defender Of The Universe takes on Carlos Silva.

  • Phillies at Rockies 3:05. Double trouble. Roy Halladay, protagonist of this new Baseball Project tune takes on the scuttling Aaron Cook in game one and Jamie Moyer, who must even be sick of hearing about himself, takes on the scuttling Jason Hammel in game two. In fact the whole Rockies team is in trouble as of late. Lots of injuries, lots of errors and lousy pitching. They've lost 3 of 4 including the first game of this series. WHERE ARE YOU, LORD? IS IT ROXTOBER YET?

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French Ticklers > French Cops

French Whore House > Everything

French Toast > French Whore House

French Fries > French Cops > French Stewart

Joey Votto just took a squadoosh on Zach Duke's chest.

Official CATSHIRT pre-show meal right here.

@Gorge, served with some ice cold Miller High Life.

Reverse those matchups for the Yanx-Tigers dübelheader. Or just run Vazquez out there twice, 's cool with me.

Or run Porcello out there twice, fine with me. GD those are some hideous ERA's.


It is laughable that both a.) you'd go to France and 2.) your wife would let you walk down the same street as a brothel. And anyway, I'm with TartanElk.

So wait, am I still the only one calling French fries and French toast Freedom fries/toast?

Dude, I'm still calling sauerkraut "Liberty cabbage".

/hopes that no one notices that I've made two "Liberty cabbage" jokes in a week

This Pirates pitching staff is bad in every sense of the word. Historically bad. Laughably bad. MJ "Bad." Bad Brains.

Ok, maybe not MJ Bad. They're not hopping turnstiles. YET.

@njpanick, they're AAA bad


I just like the smell

Also did anyone see the wacky final frames in the Mets game last night? Down 4, the Mets put a 6-spot on the board in the bottom of the 8th, then loaded the bases for Ike Davis, who promptly hit a ball about 580 feet... OVER the foul pole in right, where it was called foul. Davis popped out two pitches later, but then made a zoinks-worthy catch in the top of the ninth to end the ballgame.

I posted that comment because 1)we never talk about the NL East on this site and 2)when the Mets and Nats beat each other up, everybody wins.


I have had the 100 layer lasagna at Del Posto. It's what God would eat if he could.

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