Dallas Braden Sets Up Camp On Mound, Throws Perfect Game

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What a start to the week! In what has to be the most improbable perfect game since Len Barker, the Oakland Athletics' Dallas Braden just pitched a perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Here is the story everyone is going to go with: He hugged his grandmother afterward. The bigger story: The on-field mics picked up Braden telling her afterward, "Let's go eat!" He also called his uniform a "costume" in the postgame interview.

Congratulations, Dallas! Per the collective bargaining agreement, he now gets to kick A-Rod in the balls.

Update, 7:30 p.m.: Both A-Rod and Dallas Braden's grandmother have weighed in! A-Rod says, "No more about him, please." (He also said "good for him," but that won't get any attention.)

Braden's grandmom says, "Stick it, A-Rod."

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He also yelled "209" about 8 times.

Rep that Stockton thug steezy, my main potna.

Suck it, A-Rod. No, I wasn't being literal. Stop calling, Alex.

Memo to Alex Rodriguez: Boom, roasted.

Congrats, Dallas. And happy mother's day, Dallas' grandma. GO EAT.

Congrats Dallas Broden way to ice the Tampa Raybros

"He fell behind 3-1 before inducing a groundout to shortstop Cliff Pennington, which set off an on-field carnival. Braden hugged first baseman Daric Barton, then catcher Landon Powell, who was replacing the injured Kurt Suzuki. He made his way from teammate to teammate, each happier than the previous."

- Jeff Passan, Yahoo! Sports

Uhh, I think there needs to be a "Moneyball 2" because I apparently don't know a single player on the Oakland A's. Congrats to Braden, even though he rivals Jamie Moyer for slowest pitcher in baseball.

Old Country Buffet hasn't served a perfect game winner this young in ages.

which set off an on-field carnival

Nobody makes cotton candy like Gio Gonzalez.

Rajai Davis is an absolute wizard at judging the weight of pumpkins.

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