Feelin' Citi: Your Mets Futility Roundup

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According to Andy Martino of the NYDN Mets Blog yesterday's pregame had more emotion and drama than a locker room full of 15 year old field hockey girls. The Mets beat the also crappy Braves 3-2 but the biggest upset of the day was that Jerry Manuel spent the afternoon in a closed door meeting with Mets brass and didn't get fired. What the hell were they doing in there, then?

It was an interesting and memorable scene this afternoon in the visiting clubhouse at Turner Field. After Jeff Wilpon, Omar Minaya and John Ricco closed the door to Jerry Manuel's office, a crowd of reporters retreated to the other end of the room, and settled in to stare at the white brick wall that separated us from team brass.

A half hour passed. Manuel emerged from the room, froze and smiled when he saw an opportunity to shout to us, "I've got a uniform on." Then he walked into the coaches' lounge to retrieve Dan Warthen, Randy Niemann and trainer Ray Ramirez.

Perhaps Rod Barajas captured the mood of the clubhouse best when he said: "I didn't know there was a meeting...I knew the owner was here."

Awwwwwkward. Manuel may have avoided the chair yesterday but he's as much of a dead man walking as anyone else in baseball. Let us not forget that Manuel is about a career .500 skipper, but he's a couple ticks below that in NY. He entered the job interimererlyly following the last round of Babysitter's Club Managerial Peepee with Willie Randolph. If it weren't for the generous benefit of the doubt given to him for all the injuries the Mets sustained last year, he probably wouldn't have even begun this season as manager. Borrowed time dude.

And over at the New York Times Blog (which gave me a disgusted and condescending look after surfing to it from the Daily News) they're keeping track of another little bits of Mets history. It seems that barring injury (a huge caveat) or some sort of sustained but unforseen bout of plate selectivity David Wright and Jason Bay could both break the single season team K record. The record (156) is, hilariously, held by Dave Kingman. I would have put a tenner on Burnitz.

The Mets have played 38 games, or 24 percent of their season. Rounding up to one-quarter, Wright is on pace to strike out 204 times, obliterating his personal worst of 140 set last season (eighth on the team's all-time strikeout list). Wright is tied for the major league lead in strikeouts with 51 and leads the National League with 28 walks. With 40 strikeouts, Bay is on pace to whiff 160 times, just two shy of his personal worst.

The team is currently 21st in baseball with a .321 OBP, which is good for last in the division and 18th (2nd to last in the division) in runs scored with 170, 4 more than the Nationals. 350 whiffs from the heart of the order isn't going to improve these rankings. Los Mets have a lineup with all of key components healthy, yet is still being pushed around the bases by the mellifluous Rod Barajas.

The money! It does nothing! Although they do have the same record as the Red Sox.

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Babysitter's Club Managerial Peepee

Kris wins

Also, if the Mets were in the AL West, they'd be 2 games out of first.


Amongst the Mets woes you forgot to mention the state of Citifield. There are literally piles of garbage blowing around on the field during play. Never saw anything like it.

It's really unusual for the Mets to have poor management and do things that don't make any sense.

Take the poll. Tell them to pick up their garbage or we'll call the health department.

Can I choose a negative number for that first question?

I took the poll, and when I selected "South Jersey" as my place of residence, the page failed to load three out of the next four times I tried. Hmmm.

I literally only completed that survey so I could leave "FUCK THE METS." as my comment.

My day = fulfilled.

Why can't us take the poll?

This is why Queens does not deserve nice things.

There are literally piles of garbage blowing around on the field during play.

Vote for your favorite joke!

A) Those are the Mets.
B) I know David Wright's been striking out a lot lately, but this is getting ridiculous.
C) Citi just loaned the garbage $127.5 million.
D) None of the above.

C, definitely.

C. Also, how is it possible that Rob Deer doesn't holdthe strikeout record. All he did was hit 36 home runs and strike out. He'd go 36 and 410 for the season. Does that give him a .000 on-base percentage? Because he was never technically "on-base" - just rounding them?

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