Free Up Your Lunch Hour, Pal. You've Got a Podcast to Enjoy

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I know you've got at least 45 free minutes today at some point, friend. It's a Friday and you're either unemployed or underemployed. What better way to while away the minutes than to listen to the Walkoff Walk Furious Five radio show.

It was our silver anniversary podcats and it was a doozy! Tune in to hear me finally reveal my true opinion of noteworthy Mariners fanbloggers, to hear Kris reminisce about buying baseball cards in liquor stores, and to hear Drew be the voice of reason as I try to race-bait the entire baseball press corps.

Topics covered include:

Please to enjoy. Or at least attempt to enjoy.

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I listen to your show.... pretty good stuff.

Awesome, thanks! And go Giants.

Chiming in that I just listened. I guess only Giants fans listen?

I went to high school with Dave Jamieson. Good dude.

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