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I've attacked Sun-Times White Sox reporter/blogger Joe Cowley before. But I also use him as a link for a lot of White Sox stories, so I gotta keep him in my Google Reader. I opened it last night and came across his new "feature", Morning Cup Of Joe, which you see above. That's the whole thing. Um. Wow. Not only did he play dress up for his horse's ass headshot, but said picture is bigger than the actual copy.

"Go, to the park? Hell, no." Interesting quote from a man described thusly on the sidebar just a handful of pixels away: "Joe Cowley covers the White Sox for the Chicago Sun-Times." Covering them from his rumpus room, apparently.


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Be careful, he's got a bat and one of those douchey soul patch beard thingys.

Someone should really hit him in the face with a shovel.

He 'covers' the White Sox but doesn't go to games?

Is that Mariotti in a cowboy hat?

He and Mariotti are a fair representation of people from Chicago

He is looking dapper for prom.

Yeah copper

Joe Cowley: Manager of WoW Street Team.

Just like a wop, you bring a bat to a gun fight.

Don "Magic" Joe Cowley

+1, Colonel. Such a prom outfit.


That's the kind of prom outfit you wear when graduating from Tool Academy.

Miiiiiiiiiiister Cowley
What the fuck's on your head
Oh Miiiiister Cowley
You should probably be dead

Well that's not very nice.

Crowley is obviously a fan of Justified

@matt-T, maybe but Raylan Givens wears a white hat. Cowley is obviously a fan of the black spy from Spy vs Spy.

Remember the Spy vs. Spy video game for NES? Man, did that game suck.

@Kris: Hey, blame Ozzy.

@PG, Cowley will blame Ozzie.

A Spy vs. Spy video game was made for the original Xbox a few years ago. I don't know if it's any good, though.

Joe Cowley doesn't have time to go to the ballpark, he's too busy picking out ensembles for his off-Broadway Roger Rabbit remake.

Being the rabid MAD Magazine fan that I was at age 12, I purchased the Spy vs. Spy NES game. I think I dropped $40 on it, too. I played it all of three or four times. It was filthy awful.

I bought the Fonebone game for my SEGA. I took it out of the package and SKLORPLE SNORPLE WEETZ...I just about PLOTZED!

I got a copy of next week's Morning Cup Of Joe:

1. Geez you got a big pussy
2. Geez you got a big pussy
3. Get it? Because of the echo.

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