Hair Poem: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • White Sox at Indians, 12:05: Tug of rubber between Buerhle and Westbrook (teehee). Westbrook has given up 7ER in in 11IP against the Sox so far this year. Paul Konerko is second in the major leagues in HR, despite only hitting one in his last ten games. I say he goes deep today. Dog's Eye View will be singing the National Anthem.

  • Rangers at Royals, 2:10: Texas looks to sweep the two game quickie. Scott Feldman takes the hill for hte visitors against Luke Ho Shaver. Vladdy is white hot with 4 HR and 8 RBI in his last 5 games. Dude's OPS is hovering near 1.000 and his tits are feeling way better than last year when he injured one. Fastball will be singing the National Anthem.

  • Tigers at Mariners, 3:40: The Mariners snapped out of their offensive funk a little last night while Milton Bradley snapped out of his mental funk. Dude totted and drove in the go ahead run off Justin Verlander. Today it's Bonderman vs. Vargas in the quickie conclusion. Oh, last night Bradley also ran into the dugout to hug people during a pitching change. I <3 U TOO MILTY. New Radicals will be singing the National Anthem.

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Glog... Glog... Glog... Glog... Glog.Glog.Glog.Glog

I like the cut of BCTF's jib here.

My blazer is getting dusty.

Is it Wednesday? It's Wednesday, right?

/checks calendar

Yup. Wednesday.

Country Joe West is blowin' up.

It's too bad that suspended Twins Yankee's game isn't starting until 5:00. A three inning game would be perfect for Rob to glog. There would be a chance that he would actually finish it.

Fashion Shoots with (Rod) Beck and (Tommy) Hanson
Rawlings glove and Thurman Munson

Bizarro Kramer is pitching for Texas and Bizzaro Newman is pitching for Seattle today.

Russell Branyan thinks Stadium Mustard is the best, Jerry. The best.

So, I'm guessing we won't be getting a wholphin sighting for the Yankees signing the recently released Chad Gaudin?

If there's an animated GIF of a wholphin shrugging, I'll post that.

btw, here is a video of why Buerhle got tossed today. Joe West is a douchebag.

Yes, Joe West is a douchebag. BUT, throwing your glove - no matter how weak - after a call goes against you can easily be classified as "showing up the ump", and that's just asking to get tossed.

Ed, I saw it as a minor display of frustration. I'm convinced Joe West is the only ump in MLB that would have tossed Buerhle out of the game for doing that.

Phil Cuzzi would have thrown out Paul Konerko because he gets confused easily and Paul is closest to him.

It probably just was a minor display of frustration. But given the context of the game (second balk called on him, Ozzie got tossed for arguing the first one an inning prior), we can just about guarantee Joe West considered it showing him up. Honestly, I'm not convinced he's the only guy who would give him the boot for that... especially considering the show Bob Davidson gave us in Tampa last night.

He's still a douchebag, though.

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