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wow.loading.jpg Maybe my favorite features on MLB.com are the articles ostensibly written by MLB's marketing department. You may remember the "it's that time of year" article from last Christmas about the Yankees' World Series win and the number 27 and a ton of World Series-themed crap you could buy.

Well, the same author has returned with, "Lower price makes MLB.TV a true value." It sure does!

Now that this Major League Baseball season is more than a month old, it is time to start paying closer attention to the standings and the stats -- and time to make sure you are enjoying the full benefits of available technology as a fan. MLB.com just dropped the price for MLB.TV Premium to $109.95 per year and basic MLB.TV to $89.95 per year, making this an ideal time to sign up and experience live out-of-market streaming.

This is as good as press release-speak. Be sure to get the full benefits of available technology, fans!

Just listen to longtime Red Sox fan Scott Preston, who emailed MLB.com Monday night from his home in Wellington, New Zealand: "This is my fourth year with MLB.TV and it's almost as good as a girlfriend. I have other sports leagues' online packages but MLB.TV is easily the best -- for the price, accessibility, reliability and ease-of-use. I upgraded to the Premium option this season to be able to watch Red Sox games in HD, and coupled with a Mini Mac, big-screen and four-way split-screen, it has pretty much ensured I never get anything else done."

Okay, let's be clear here: MLB.TV is, by far, the best online package of any sports league. It's been that way for a long time. But this is the lamest effing quote I've ever read. Is that how they talk in New Zealand? Do they just shill for whatever you ask them to? And, please, everyone: Don't tell Major League Baseball's official website that one of its products is "almost as good as a girlfriend."

We constantly hear from fans who use At Bat with their iPhones or iPod Touch devices in locations ranging from inside the ballpark, to the office, to the beach, to driving to the store. Some people use that device to follow one game while they watch another on TV and/or the PC/Mac or laptop. You can watch or you can just listen.

When they drive to the store?! Isn't that a little dangerous?

That is a separate app from the one installed by fans on the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. It was first demo'd by MLB.com on stage at the Apple event over the winter unveiling of the iPad, and at that time Apple chief Steve Jobs described it as "Awesome."


We've seen it all so far, it seems. Yet, every day is new and you never know what will happen next. There is much more live Major League Baseball to watch on a multitude of devices, and a drop in the annual MLB.TV subscription just added yet another reason to be part of it.

Yes, we have seen it all so far.

I took random bits and pieces of this article, but it actually weighs in at 1,618 words. Now go buy MLB.TV, I guess.

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pornhub.com is almost as good as a girlfriend

@BCTF, check out wide6.com. Better than pornhub.com.

Do they have good mobile site that I can use on the way to the store?


Walkoff Walk: Now your one-stop place for porn recommendations.

I have MLB At Bat on my Android phone and it's great if you want to listen to a game for 15 seconds at a time.

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