Heaven Might be Whenever But Purgatory is Certainly in Fresno

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Note to all burgeoning baseball prospects: Unless you're a pitcher, don't sign with the San Francisco Giants. The bewildering front office continues its history of head-scratching decisions with their ongoing refusal to call Buster Posey up from the minor leagues.

No matter how badly Posey works over the studly arms of the Pacific Coast League, Bruce Bochy and zen master Brian Sabean steadfastly refuse to give Buster the call. Why, you may ask? Because the minor leagues suck, of course.

"Triple-A baseball isn't very good," Sabean said. "I'm going to tell you that right now. Especially from a pitching standpoint. Anybody who can pitch is in the big leagues."

GET YOUR FRESNO GRIZZLIES TICKETS NOW!! While killing the credibility of his minor league product is all well and good, Sabean and Bochy are completely willing to both bury Posey further down the depth chart by elevating replacement level backup catcher Eli Whiteside to power mashing middle of the order threat. Whiteside hit fifth during the Giants last game in New York, something of a surprise given his meager power numbers, both at the major and minor league levels. But guess what? Those numbers don't matter either!

We all know Whiteside is swinging a hot bat lately. So do you discount the minor league track record?

"Yeah, you do," Bochy said. "Some guys figure it out later and improve and make adjustments. Whitey started making adjustments in Fresno last year and he really started swinging the bat with authority and driving the ball.... He looks very comfortable at the plate, he uses the whole field and he's got nice balance up there."

You got that? Nobody can pitch in the minor leagues, so achievement there means squat! Except when you go from hitting terribly to hitting poorly, than it is cause for excitement! And reason for promotion. Got it?

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Nobody can pitch in the minors? Uuuhh, fellas... I believe the other Triple-A league would like to have a word with you.

Of course no one can pitch in the minors, it's dark as a dungeon down there.

Isn't it just that if they call him up before June it starts his arbitration clock early and he becomes a super two? Which still makes their reasoning bullshit, of course, but you can't blame them for exploiting a stupid rule to potentially save them millions of dollars in a few years.

If Sabean thinks AAA baseball isn't very good he must not even recognize AA or A ball.

Sabean said definitively it is NOT about the Super Two. They went to Super Two with Timmy and apparently have few regrets. They seem to sincerely believe he isn't ready defensively to catch in the Show.

Anybody who can pitch is in the big leagues

Says the guy with Lincecum, Cain, Zito, and Sanchez in his rotation. Perhaps Sabean should give a call over to the Pirates, whose team ERA+ stands at 73 right now. OOF.

I can't wait until they trade Posey to the Rays for Pat Burrell.

"Pat Burrell is an established name as a major league power hitter, and those aren't on the trade market as often as you'd think. You fucking idiots."

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