I Go Away For a Week and You Let the Reds Into First Place?

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Really, I tried my darn-tootinest to follow baseball while I was out carousing my way through wine country and San Francisco, but I was not prepared to wake up this morning, jet-lagged and all, to find out that the Cincinnati Reds have assumed first place in the National League Central. I thought the strangest thing that happened last week was Corey Patterson signing a big league deal with the Orioles and fueling a team-wide offensive rebirth, yet the Fightin' Dustys went and took two of three from the Cardinals this weekend to take the division lead. What kind of crazy sport is this anyway?

Also crazy: while I was away, our own Dmac seriously brought the entire baseballblogosphere to its knees with his laser rocket wit completely out of the kindness of his Philadelphian heart. For this, I thank him profusely and will be looking forward to "hiring" him again later this summer when I spend a week in Amish country raising a barn. Kris and I throw buckets of gratitude at Drew and 310toJoba as well.

Thanks also to West Coast WoW commenters (WCWoWCs?) Farthammer and Phillas for meeting up with me at AT&T Park for a real gem of a baseball game Thursday afternoon. (Two hours! So tidy!) Perhaps the real highlights of the game were the foodstuffs we consumed: a half pound kielbasa and a cha cha bowl before departing the park to a place that sold beer with slices of watermelon. It's like a little slice of summertime with every malty sip!

And no, I didn't bring any souvenirs back for any of you. Instead, please accept this simple salumi cone as a token of my gratitude for your readership.

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More disappointing than the Cards being in second place (in May)? Rob apparently shunned the garlic fries.

21st Amendment IPA in a can. Win.

I was golfing this weekend for a friends bachelor party. It got a little crazy



Those are 16 oz ices. Bros be chugging.

@Rob, what no churros? I want a churro.

@BCTF, 16 oz. Zima ices?

This will explain all


That salumi cone brought a tear to my eye. Now I want a churro wrapped in prosciutto and served in a cone.

On his flight back across the country, Rob made time to can Trey Hillman.

Wait, you have Hillman in a can? Let him out!

1. BCTF, why are ya'll taking a knee whilst drinking? Is it to be closer to the ground to hurl that shit?
Two. It was a gorgeous day at the ballpark...to watch the Giants hit .183 and get swept by the Padres. Rob was cool.
III. I want a churro.

That salumi cone looks like a water cooler cup gone horribly wrong.

"I'm thirsty. Let's get some wa-HOLY CRAP THERE'S MEAT-LIKE STUFF IN THERE"

Those are the rules

Kris, you have partaken in the IPA, can-style? Shit is chronic.

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