In the Time of Chimpanzees, He is a Monkey

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sadgirl.JPGHeroes come in an all shapes and sizes. Sometimes heroes organize their community to assist flood victims, sometimes they make the world better for their children and children everywhere. Sometimes they mount protests against unjust laws which contravene the spirit and ethos of a nation.

Other times: they take aim at publicly traded entertainment conglomerates for their misguided programming selections.

That's enough East Coast Bias for SF Chronicle Giants beat guy Henry Schulman, fuckyouverymuch ESPN. He isn't watching again until Tim Lincecum and his Giants get some screen time.

That's not true or fair. He, like most people, is just sick of the Mets. While, yes, the New York Mets skirt the "perverse joke" line on an all-to regular basis; they've somehow made their way on to the national broadcast schedule three weeks in a row. I know! The nerve!

Schulman acknowledges the pricey TV deal ESPN pays helps fund all clubs, even those teams needing to the World Series and World Cup in the same year to have a shot at usurping the Yankees/Red Sox TV hegemony. Then why the boycott? You'll teach them, fan-they-aren't-targeting-anyway.

Call me cynical, but announcing this tidy boycott on the website of San Francisco's leading newspaper wouldn't be a blatant attempt at baiting the downtrodden left coasters looking to bash the cruel daddies from the east? The 700-odd comments I refuse to read surely feature balanced back-and-forth points discussing the finer points of mass marketing and the value of early prime time ad spots. Almost for sure.

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How dare the American public enjoy watching successful teams!

How dare the Mets exist!

who gives a shit? I prefer it when Atlanta isn't on ESPN so I don't to listen to that cunt Joe Morgan

Don't make me side with that hack Schulman!

Personally, I think the national broadcasters need to praise Albert Pujols even more than they already do. Am I right, Brewers/Cubs fans?

You know who's underrated as a player? Jeff Francoeur. Look at that arm!

Capitalist Pigs!!!!!

I've got my MLB.TV so I really don't need ESPN's hackfest in my life most nights.

But I do wish they'd focus more on the economic difficulties being faced by residents of Detroit and the state of Michigan as a whole when broadcasting Tigers games. Not nearly enough of that, I say.

Rick Sutcliffe might be functionally retarded, so they probably don't want to send him too far away from home for those Wed night games. Sorry West Coast!

Who gives a crap if your team is on national television if you live within the broadcast area for your favorite team? I'm a Phillies fan (whodathunkit?) but I live in Montana, meaning I only see the Phils when they're on national television, like last night. (I do have MLB Gameday Audio, because I like the Phillies radio duo more than the TV guys since Harry died. Plus it's only $20 for the whole season! But I digress...)

If this guy lived on the east coast and is bitching because he never gets to see his beloved west coast team, then he might have a slight argument, but really only to the extent that he should suck it up and get MLB.TV. And seriously, when I see the Mets on national television I throw up a little in my mouth and change the channel.

I mentioned it at the end but this looks a lot like an easy play at outraged comments and page views. GRRR they don't respect us

Thank God for the MLB Channel. So good for seeing teams you never see elsewhere.

Synergy disconnect: The San Francisco Chronicle is owned by the Hearst Corporation. Hearst owns a 20% stake in ESPN (the other 80% belongs to Disney).

I would be very surprised if we hear any more on this topic from Mr. Schulman.

And if I bothered to read past the first 2 paragraphs, I would see that Tiger Schulman acknowledged the corporate connection. But why let facts get in the way of a shaky point?

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