It's Time To Catch Some Meat in Pittsburgh, Gospel-Style

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Because we are not afraid to be service-y and get you excited for August's HEIST in Pittsburgh (send me your money!), here is yet another PNC Park video board intro to the Pirates' popular mid-inning promotion that is the hot dog shoot (previously):

Covenant Church of Pittsburgh Ensemble, you've just won yourselves the entire day.

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As a Catholic altar boy, we had an entirely different definition of "catch some meat".

Is this the trailer for Sister Act 3? It looks much better than the first 2.

Ah Wahoo, with us, the only one you could trust was Father Clancy, because he was always more interested in the Giants game than even the homily. Everybody else was definitely pitching. I'm told the Pope now feels bad about the whole thing....

My guess: The choir learned the song about a minute before they started filming. They look cheerful enough, but they all have "holy shit what's the next line?!" going in the back of their minds the whole time.

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