Jarrod Saltalamacchia Puts The "Fun" In Fundamentals

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The Rangers backstop, who is currently working on a rehab stint in Oklahoma City, has been afflicted by what can best be called "Rube Baker Syndrome." A Major League II reference on a baseball blog? Who'd a thunk it! Why that particular character, you ask? Well, let's consider Salty's problem in more detailed FAIL.

RedHawks catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia would be back in the major leagues if he didn't have a problem throwing the ball - not to an infielder, but back to his pitcher. In Salty's last game, Tuesday night at AT&T Bricktown Ballpark, 12 of his throws back to the pitcher landed either short of the mound or in center field. He had five errant throws in the first inning alone.

"He's just got to keep playing until he gets it right," RedHawks manager Bobby Jones said. "I don't know what else to do. It's a shame. It's definitely what's keeping him here. He's blocking the ball well and swinging the bat well. He's just got to figure it out. It's a shame."

This is pretty unbelievable. As the article goes on to note, Saltalamacchia is doing everything else perfectly fine. He's hitting over .350 and apparently his throws to second are satisfactory. This is so utterly bizarre. And it certainly makes me feel better about all those times I made a friend have to stretch for an errant girly throw of mine whilst playing catch. Luckily for Saltalamacchia, the movie tells us this is an easy problem to fix. Get that boy some centerfold models, stat!

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Speaking of Major League, I am positively reeling after learning yesterday that the movie was shot in Milwaukee, and not Cleveland.

It was the only way they could get Bob Uecker to do it*

*Made up

Since somebody has to make this reference:

"Juuuuust a bit outside..."

Gammons wrote an essay about this problem called, I think, "The Throes of Tossing a Baseball". It was years ago and I remember it being excellent. A three-second search comes up empty, though.

Jesu Christo, we can't even hold a lead against the frigging Royals?

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