Jay-Z, Eminem And The YES Crew Successfully Create New Level Of Awkward

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If you happened to be watching the second game of the Yankees/Tigers double-header you were treated to two very special guest appearances. In between innings, Jay-Z and Eminem visited with a bunch of broadcast crews to announce a pair of shows the two are performing together at Comerica Park (September 2) and then again at Yankee Stadium (September 13). That's definitely a big deal because Eminem just had his song debut at number one and Jay-Z is well... still making music!1

The video you're about to see is from the pair's encounter with Yankees play-by-play guys Michael Kay and Ken Singleton. It's a doozy.

This video makes several things glaringly obvious:

  • Michael Kay is very white, but not as white as Ken Singleton... who is actually black.
  • At 2:10 starts an interesting train of discussion because Kay asks both guys if they'd rather be baseball players than rappers. Because that's standard conversation fodder for any good interviewer, you see. "Hey, you're really accomplished at something, but wouldn't you rather do something else?"
  • Creepy fat lurker at 3:11!
  • At 7:40 Jay-Z attempts to explain who is opening each show. Michael Kay doesn't get it but soooo doesn't want to seem uncool.
  • 9:28 demonstrates the awful quality of Michael Kay's jokes. In other news, the YESMichaelKay twitter was on fire during this whole thing.

1"UNH... MOTHA%&$#@...UNH!" Repeat.

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The only way this could have gotten better is if Sterling and Waldman were involved somehow.


Heh. Michael Kay actually made the same comment about John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman (unfortunately after the video ended).

I pointed out some other awkward moments from this video on NYY Stadium Insider this morning:


Cool blog, YSI.

Next week, Michael Kay invites Q-Tip and Akineyle up to the booth...

"So, Tip, would you say that your hit 'Award Tour' could be a pretty great metaphor for every Yankee moment ever?"

"And Ak', you should know that when I masturbate to Eastern European fetish porn, I have 'Put It In Your Mouth' on a loop. Also, it's my Golden Corral entrance music."

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