Ken Burns To Bore Us All With New Baseball Documentary

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If you haven't seen Ken Burns'1 Baseball, you really should. Seriously. Go rent it now. Or it runs on MLB Network sometime, too. Baseball is a fantastic history of the game, one of the best pieces of media ever done about the sport. The 18 1/2 hours just fly by.

But, of course, it can't just be left alone. No. The Tenth Inning will air this fall on PBS. That's kind of exciting, of course, unless Ken Burns goes all crazy bananas about steroids and causes me to throw my shoe through my television.

Tenth is filled with heartfelt observations from die-hard fans and observers, including Boston writer Mike Barnicle, who recalls his then-11-year-old son's "tears as big as hubcaps" following the Sox's 2003 playoff loss to the Yanks. [...]

Novick says they reached out to players tied to steroid allegations. None would talk. But former Sox star Pedro Martinez-- a Dominican among an early wave of foreign-born players initially hired as cheaper alternatives to higher-paid U.S.-born peers -- speaks at length about his start. Obsessive fans, including historian Doris Kearns Goodwin and sportscaster Bob Costas, also are featured.

Okay, a long interview with Pedro Martinez means this thing's already going to be watchable. But, uhm, Mike Barnicle and Doris Kearns Goodwin? Are we sure this isn't a secret documentary about plagiarists? What, Stephen Ambrose wasn't available? (Oh, right, he died in 2002. He wasn't.)

1 Jesus-style possessive intentional.

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Do you think Ken Burns stole his haircut from Dave Barry or was it the other way around?

They both stole their haircut from me when I was 5.

Neither. They got the same haircut together!

Pretty sure Burns stole that haircut from a mannequin.

Also, I heard him this morning on the radio promoting this and talking baseball. Hey, I like baseball a lot...but fucking relax and get some perspective. Jesus.

You can get that haircut by going to a barber and asking for a "Leitch".

"Barnicle, who recalls his then-11-year-old son's "tears as big as hubcaps" following the Sox's 2003 playoff loss to the Yanks."

That quote made me smile.

Even sadder than that haircut is Burns' pathetic excuse for a beard.

Iracane sent over a vacation pic from his trip to San Fran:

Whip around coverage today?

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