Ken Griffey Gets Through Speech To Kids Without Falling Asleep

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griffey.simpsons.jpg Big news! Yesterday afternoon, Ken Griffey Jr. spoke to Iraqi teenagers in Baltimore and didn't fall asleep once while doing it! Congratulations, Ken!

Griffey's in Baltimore for the M's-O's series, obviously, and talked for about a half hour with eight Iraqi teens and their coaches who are in the United States as part of a trip organized by the (deep breath) U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs SportsUnited Office1.

It's actually a really cute story -- the kids started a baseball team because their teacher is a big fan, and they didn't know Ken Griffey Jr.'s name -- and you should probably go read it if you're in need of a cute story this morning. (That, or go look at pictures of kittens.) It's one of those stories that makes Griffey seem like one of the classiest ballplayers of recent vintage.

But back to Griffey's naptime: Yesterday, Junior said parts of the sleep story were not accurate, but he didn't really say what parts of it were inaccurate. He and manager Don Wakamatsu both said he was available to pinch hit.

To me, the whole story seems silly: If the manager wanted Ken Griffey to pinch hit, and he were asleep, he would have gotten somebody to take him up. it's not like Griffey had left the ballpark or was in the upper deck leading the wave. Sure, a groggy Griffey might not be the best pinch hitter, but maybe his nap would rejuvenate him into his first homer of the season!

Honestly, if I were a Mariners fan, I wouldn't lose any sleep over this. (ZING!)

1 Ugh, I hate United. City all the way!

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It would be pretty funny though if someone were to reshoot/edit that Simpsons episode and change the reason Griffey couldn't play in the championship game from gigantism to sleeping through the game.

Hey Junior, there are no z's in Ken Griffey, Junior!

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