Large Segment Of Padres' Fanbase Recently Arrested

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What, not Chico's?

This is (by far) the best advertisement at any baseball stadium this season. I mean, look at the cute stock model the company has answering phones!

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I've seen that stock headset model before... but where? TURKEY? (completely SFW)

Sometimes facebook will violate your privacy in such an egregious fashion that you start to think, "maybe this whole internet thing isn't all it's cracked up to be." But then you come across a link like njpanick's, and - BAM - faith in technology instantly restored.

That video on the Aladdin website is just so fantastic. What do you think her son was arrested for?

Don't call me the Lyin' King, but it's mid-May and the Padres are in first place and are tied for the best record in the NL.

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