Lenny Dykstra Update: Still Broke

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The New York Post reported yesterday that -- surprise! -- Lenny Dykstra needs money. (The paper was able to put a dollar sign in the headline -- i.e., "De$perate Dykstra" -- so you know the editors were excited.)

For $3200, one can get an autographed framed montage of Dykstra. Additionally, whoever buys it will get a call from Lenny Dykstra himself! Here's the best part of the story:

Dykstra's initial reply to questions about the sale was "F--- you." He later suggested, "The Post should buy the stuff."

Eh. That might be what I'd say if the New York Post called me up for a story, too.

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Did he get the idea to sell his memoribilia from Kenny Powers?


That's some mighty fine salesman work there, Lou.

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