Mariners-Padres Series Leads To Instant Classic Rap

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When interleague play rolls around every year, plenty of hilarious sportswriters and Internet pundits will make the amazing, incredibly original joke that many of the interleague "rivalries" aren't really rivalries at all! The construction will go something like, "Bla bla bla interleague play is horrible just look the Rays are playing the Astros what kind of rivalry is that baseball tradition bla bla bla," only less funny.

Well, look at this: One of these so-called "non-rivalry" interleague series (Padres-Mariners) produced a bet between two gentlemen people, one a fan of each team. And the loser had to make the above video, perhaps the best baseball rap so far this season. Making it even better: I think part of the rap is about the girl he lost the bet to, so about half this song is pretty nonsensical.

This is amazing. I declare Padres-Mariners a rivalry as classic as Red Sox-Yankees immediately.

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Let me get this straight. Two guys made a bet involving baseball, and the losers actually paid up. Your move Iracane.

David Eckstein has too much time on his hands.

Can someone read the rest of this to me? I passed out after the part about this guy paying a bet.

The Yin Yang Twins have filed suit against this bro, claiming copyright infringement.

When reached for comment, D-Roc said simply "HAHHHHHHHHHHH."

Pardon me, *Ying Yang. Wouldn't want to assume that they'd spell it correctly.


Come on, Welchy McWelchWelch. You know you want to...

That song is 18% longer than the average inning in a Mariners-Padres game.


"produced a bet between two gentlemen ... I think part of the rap is about the girl he lost the bet to ..."

A female fan that might be a guy? Are you sure you're not talking about a Brewers fan?

And -1 for not finding something to rhyme with "Everth."

On second viewing, I think this dude is wearing a Livestrong bracelet, unfortunately. My kind words about this video are now revoked.

DMac: Pro-cancer.

DMac: Anti Eunuch-cyclist

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