My Awesome Bill James Story From Last Night

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So last night I was at Fenway covering the game for some freelance stuff. As is usually the case I spent a few innings outside the press box once I had finished transcribing my work. I got a hot dog and was headed to watch some at bats from on top of the Monster. As I walked behind the third base grandstands I saw Bill James by himself in the standing room only area. I stopped and stood next to him like an obvious creep.

As James snuck a peek at my press credential to try and determine who the person that was about to annoy him worked for, the game was tied 1-1 in the 8th. JD Drew, probably my favorite Sox player, was at bat with Kevin Youkilis on first. Drew worked the count full and fouled off 3 straight pitches. I was about to turn to James and say my big line: "I think he's got him here."

Instead, he turned to me and said "I think he's got him here."

And then I said, "I was about to say that to you!"

And then Drew knocked a ball to right center to jumpstart a big inning and help the Red Sox take the lead and Bill James and I laughed and slapped each other on the back as the crowd went animal crackers.

It was wicked cool. The end.

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Cool story bro.

That's cool.

Did you guys do the Wyld Stallyns air-guitar thing, too?

You left out the part where you smeared yourself with mustard and relish and ran around the press box calling yourself Harry the Human Hotdog before planting a big, wet, mustardy kiss on Bill's lips.

Oh wait, that's Craig Calcaterra's Bill James story, nevermind.

...and then I found 20 win shares.

What's Drew's VORS (Value Over Replacement Seminole)?

And then I tased him.

Also last night Jerry Remy was next to me at the urinal for a between innings piss, immediately after Pedroia made a nice DP. Now I usually subscribe to the "no talking at the urinal rule" but instead I said to him "Some play, eh?" and he flat out ignored me. No look, no response.

He's a staunch no talk guy and I respect him for it.

No Kris, the rule is: "No cheering in the piss box".

The question remains: did you wake up in a puddle?

I would have liked to known Bill's stance on Babies Lobster.

"JD Drew, probably my favorite Sox player..."

Reading that made me want to throw batteries at you, and then tase myself.

You forgot eat me and then intentionally throw me up on me then eat like ten sandwiches then eat me again then lose my job.

JD Drew isn't anyone's favorite player. You're a liar.

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