Phillies Fan Gets Tased Despite Not Even Vomiting on Anyone

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During the Phillies-Cardinals tilt last night, this young feller above chose the risk many consider but few take when he hopped over the wall and ran about the outfield. According to witnesses on the Tweetosphere, he didn't even get a chance to disrobe and urinate on second base before he was summarily tasered by an angry cop.

I'd feign shock that the police were allowed to use such devices on a mere streaker but then I recall the time last year when that old dude got tased at the A's game. Precedent: set. Video below:

(photo via TSNProducerTim and The 700 Level and the Stew and what the hey, The Fightins)

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I'd pay good money to watch Philly fans get chased down and tasered.

What I want to know is this: Was he running around the outfield yelling "DON'T TASE ME, BRO" over and over again?

It's a good thing the television broadcast didn't show that. It sure looks like fun!

Getting tased on the field? Well, now you'll never have the approval of Mets fans!

Who doesn't just LOVE the "tasers" tag?

State Farm should use thise photo for their adds.

So, I'm pretty much a professional sportswriter now, and so far today pretty much everyone I know has called or emailed or texted to weigh in on whether kid should have been tased or not. I'm so sick of this story already.

Should we be weighing in on whether or not we should be weighing in on this story?

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