Play Winter Ball, And Get A Gun Pulled On You!

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wow.taser.jpg Baseball Prospectus posted a neat (and free!) article yesterday by Tim Kester, who played in the minor leagues for 13 years and also played several seasons of winter ball in Latin America.

He writes about his experiences in winter ball, and passes along this fascinating tale:

Most people know that baseball players like to play practical jokes on each other, especially on long road trips where there is a lot of downtime. One day on a long bus trip, a Venezuelan player fell asleep with his mouth open, usually a bad idea with a group of baseball players. In Venezuela, where most players carry guns for personal protection, it is the worst idea ever. One of the Venezuelan players thought it would be funny to take the bullets out of his revolver and put it into the sleeping guy's mouth with the hammer cocked back. As the entire team gathered around, they woke him up.... To top it off, a second after he opened his eyes the guy holding the gun pulled the trigger and the hammer on the empty gun went 'click.'

Oh, those wacky winter leagues! Although this sounds like a pretty fun practical joke, I think if I were a ballplayer I'd spend my winters sleeping safely in my house.

via Tommy Bennett

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